Looking for an upgrade

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I currently own a old TrustFire TR-1200 and have had multiple issues with it recently, but up until the problems started I was really happy with pretty much everything about it. Not keen on repairing it as I’m not much good at fixing those types of things, so was wondering if someone could recommend me an upgrade or something similar to it?

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I’m not familiar with the TrustFire TR-1200, so I did some searching just now to see what it’s like. I failed to find anything unique or special about it. Would a Convoy C8 work for you as an upgrade? Apparently, the TrustFire TR-1200 has multiple emitters but they aren’t driven very hard. Do you particularly want multiple emitters? I feel like maybe there are TOO MANY lights that would be an upgrade for you. Can you tell what features specifically you need or want the light to have or not have? Maybe if we can narrow it down we can find you the perfect replacement.

Edit: also a general idea of what your budget range might be will help.

Maybe a sofirn c8f. I was surprised at the brightness & lightness, unless you want a pocket light, I would pick an emisar d4 any day

Looking for a nice balance between flood and throw.
Looking for something which is sturdy and isn’t going to break after one drop.
From memory the trustfire tr-1200 had a extension piece which meant I could either use 2 or 3 18660’s so it doesn’t need to be pocket friendly as it will be used around the home.
It would be used for pretty much anything and everything from looking at stuff up in my roof to trying to find something 100 to 200 metres away (maybe even further) outside at night.
Don’t really have a set budget as such value for money is what I’m looking for.
One of the first things to happen with the TR-1200 was one of the emitters went bad and no longer worked, then the tail cap started playing up on me.

Well, for general use like you described, a Convoy C8 will definitely do the job. You will get plenty of light from a single XP-L or XM-L2, and better throw than your TrustFire TR-1200 had. It only uses one 18650, so it will be more compact, and actually could be pocketed. But, if you don’t have any nice, modern, brand name cells, you should consider getting some for best results. There are other great lights that will work, but the Convoy C8 has been around for a long time, and is very well respected. There are a few places where you could buy one, but the best is always to go to the source, which is the official Convoy store on AliExpress.

Hi DavidEF,

Yes I do have some good quality batteries, does the C8 have a good battery life with decent cells?

Hi All,

Is this the flashlight I should be going with?

Convoy C8 Cree XML2 U2 - 1A 960Lm 7135 x 8 18650

One more thing, what are all the options with Aliexpress about when it comes to this flashlight?

Get his beautiful beast of a light in the U6 4C LED variety:


You will absolutely love it. The top end Convoy C8 option with the best LED options, best firmware, excellent firmware, and build quality.

This is also from the Convoy store, and if you ask the owner via a contact form on Aliexpress saying that you are a BLF member, he will give you a small discount.

Is that the U6 4C version you are recommending mate? Whats the difference between them all?

Had to look it up, too. I’d like to know how you get 1200 lemons from an XP-E.

Get a C8 as above, you won’t regret it.

Yes, I would recommend picking the U6-4C version.

The color temperature is the main difference.

U2 1A: 6500-7000k. Pure white with some blue added in to make for a cool white tint. I usually don’t recommend it, since it looks artificial and clinical.

U6-3A: About 5000k. Pure neutral white like the afternoon sun. A good color temperature.

U6-4C: About 4200-4500k. Warmer neutral white like the late afternoon sun. I recommend it because it looks pleasing, and works well under all situations, including when it’s raining since its visibility is higher with bad weather conditions.

U4-7A: About 3000k. Warm white, like the evening sun, and indoor home lighting. Quite warm, very pleasant, but brightness is sacrificed, and efficiency is lowered. Good color temp, but most people don’t like it because it is too warm, which I think it is in most cases.

Dunno mate to be honest lol in saying that I was pretty happy with the light output while it was working ok

Thanks for explaining that mate.

Those Convoy C8’s are good. I have 2. and can upgrade ’em with P60 drop-ins.
Though I think my SOFURN C8T 1300ish Lumens is better??.
MUCH better than those “tube” (Water pipe) S2/S2+ and copies of.

I use U6-3A (5000/5500) for all my torches.
A bit down on max output beam but a much more natural colour in all areas.
The C8A is 1700 lumins. the C8F is a multi led head.
Gone off my 4 x LED head torch. they get too hot too quick to be practical
when used on the necessary levels to do a good job.

Also the new Convoy C8+ XPL hi is another step up, (On coupon at moment too)
which some are putting in better chips and more output.

I ordered a “sand” version. $33AUD del. 34 days.
Got a dark Choccy brown by return and no reply’s to messages??. Grrrr.