Looking for deep-reflector thrower/HS-802 style


I’m looking for a couple of deep-reflector hosts with the same reflector type and beam profile of the HS-802 light. This light has a very deep C8-diameter reflector which gives an extremely narrow hotspot with minimal spill. My intention is to mod these out with updated green XP-E2 emitters driven well for use as hunting lights.

I’ve found HS-802 lights at GB for $13.38/each:

Does anyone know of any other lights with the same reflector type, or an alternative source for these? (Preferably non-glued) I’ve check the usuals (DX, KD, FP, AliExpress, Miniinthebox, and The Jolly Green Dino ( :zipper_mouth_face: ) but couldn’t find a better option. Also, is this light available under any other names I could expand my search to include?

Stealing this photo from the review on the GB site, C8 reflector on left, HS-802 reflector on right:

Solarforce skyline I has that same reflector, but it’s discontinued, there was one being sold here and I think I saw one on CPF too.

Odepro B58U has this kind of reflector. I’ve got a green XP-E2 in one right here, it’s ok but not really all that great. Ringy, difficult to get the tight focus I’d hoped for. Nice light though.