Looking for dual (or more) LED headlights with metal casing.

I’m looking for smaller dual (or more) LED headlights with metal casing with separate 18650 case. I am not interested in bike lights put on the head, I need them slim as I use these for climbing and caving. I am looking for candidates for mods like I did with this one: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/47012

I’ve seen the Olight HS2 in this thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/47022 but I’m not to fond of the button solution. I might give it a go though, it’s a real slim host.

I also know of the Fenix HP30R and will be using it for this mod: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/47005

What other options are there?

Bump: No one knows of any other?

What is your target? Using different leds?
You can power 2 pairs of leds under one quad optics. Finding headlight that can fit it is more easy imo.

This headlamp doesn't have separated battery, but it's not plastic,and price is great. I have single LED version, quality of host is similar to Convoy.


Maybe it's possible to make a "hybrid" between that light by using only host and using separated battery case and cable from other cheap lights?

Target is independent flood and throw beams, just like the mods I linked in the OP. In some cases I might use a triple or quad instead of throw (like my HP25R mod). I’m looking for good host candidates.

Cool, I’ve never seen those kind of lights with dual LEDs before. I might have to get me one and give it a go.

Take Carclo 10621.
Make half of it frosed with sand paper.
Take two XP-E2s.
De-dome them.
Take two XP-L2s.
Use dsche or tpad quad board.
Put xp-e2s under clear half of the optics.
Complete with one of your custom drivers.

Hmm, not a bad suggestion at all. But the quest for hosts still remains, except I’d only need one LED. Sure, I might try one of those hosts that also houses the cell, but I still think I’ll be going for a battery case on the rear. The slim HP25R is so far my favorite but it’s pretty expensive.

Biggest problem is that most of cheap headlamps are not moddable. Once I wanted to change led is such cheap light with glued glass and tried to warm it up with hot gun - suddenly glass melted (it was plastic) and I couldnt find suitable glass to replace.
So I would specify your search in lights with easily removable bezel and lenses.

Spark sx5.
Not cheap, but sometimes you can found used one on ebay.

Thanks. The Spark SX5 might not be cheap, but it’s cheaper than the HP25R.

Ultimately I wanted to design my own headlight host but after a little research I found that it will take far too much time and money. I think I’ll stick to butchering existing lights for now.

I like those headlamp with the battery compartment in the back that also holds the clicky switch.

Time for a BLF headlamp?

I would like something like this.

But loose those 2 small ones at the top.

The 2 smaller ones at the bottom should be like the skilhunt H03 with tir lens.

The big in the middle should hold a Convoy C8 like reflector size with a XP-L hi. (Alternative a zommie)

Make the clicky switch in the back of the battery compartment.

And of course add some nice cooling fins to that thing.

Some nice ui and it would be great when fishing or whatever when you are not running.