Looking for EDC with strobe ready that's not a Nitecore


Yep that’s it, looking for a small edc flashlight that uses a 18650 and has a strobe ready function but is not a Nitecore.
With strobe ready I mean a strobe only button, not a last memory put into a clicky switch.


The updated version of the Klarus XT1C just came out. There’s a group buy on here. The tail cap is the same design as Nitecore

Edit - never mind. Missed the bit that said 18650 lol XT11 series a bit big for EDC

Nitenumen NE01?

Received this $19,99 NE01 promo link in a GearBest email yesterday, should be 0kay to post it. If it doesn't works, pm Pablo E. for a discount link.

Cheers ^:)

Fenix has one but I dont remember the model#.

To be honest I would love to have a 16340 edc but as much as I know about 18650’s as little do I know about 16340’s

It seems to me like a whole new animal, other brands and mAh’s to look for.
For example if you’d ask me now for a high drain great quality 18650 I’d tell you to go for a samsung 30Q or a Sanyo GA.
If you wanted a good normal drain 18650 I’d tell you to get a Panasonic 3400.
I could tell you the brands to stay away from are Ultrafire or Trustfire.

But the 16340’s I know nothing of, like the brands : Meco?,Solarforce?,Efest? are they good, is one of them as bad as an Ultrafire?
I know a 18650 above 3500 mAh does not exist but are there 16340’s that go above 1200mAh?

I have the possibility to charge 16340’s and maybe it is time to broaden my horizon.
Any info on that?

Also if the Klarus XT1C would give 700lm on a 16350 3.7v how much lower would the lumens output be on a cr123a 3.0v?
I’m asking because I got like 40 cr123a’s laying arround that are collecting dust and this light would be perfect for my EDC needs.

Nevermind found out, on a cr123a it does 400lm and runs 40 minutes longer.
Just bought one in the group buy :slight_smile:

Zebralight SC62W I have doesn’t have a dedicated button for strobe per se, but a triple click from off gets strobe (then double click to change strobe modes). Not quite as easy as my Nitecore EA11 with double click mode button to get strobe, but still pretty easy.

Congrats on the new purchase :slight_smile:
16340 lights are hardly high drain. I use Olight 16340 cause they are protected and pretty short. So they fit in all my lights. I have other 16340 that don’t fit in some of my lights.
The XT1C comes with a battery. So you are set

Convoy S2+ might be interesting

thrunite tn11s, fenix tk16, olight m20s, klarus xt11

Klarus xt- 11