Looking for flashlight and head torch with this requirements under $50

I need two flashlights, a overall use head torch, and a flashlight that I can attach to my rifle for home defense/hunting.
I checked previous posts, but there’s just too much information for the time I have available.

The flashlight must be decently compact (but not too thin since it will need to be mounted), must work with either AA or AAA batteries, over 100 lumen at least(the higher the better), and while I need it to have a moonlight mode for added versatility, it must be able to be switched on directly to the highest setting. Fast switch is the most important thing, however I’d like to use it as a all around flaslight aswell, so the moonlight mode is important aswell, since I’ll need to preserve night vision / not scare animals away / not blind others with the light in many situations. My budget is $50.

The head torch is for my GF, must work with either AA or AAA batteries, have a moonlight mode, acceptable luminosity, and a good battery life. Fast switch is desirable, but not essential. A flashlight that can be attached to a head harness is not only a welcome option, but maybe better than a head torch. $35 budget.

No need for SOS mode on any of them (I find it useless and annoying) but I could live with it.
Better if light intensity change is gradual on both of them.

Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.

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Congratulations on the first post :slight_smile:

Thank you :wink:
I’ve been a silent reader for a long time, but mostly about tritium vials / glow paint for DIY nightsights.

No one knows something that’s close to my requirements and fits the budget?

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Congrats on your first post! I think you are slow to get responses to your question simply because there aren't many lights that meet you requirements. You need a 25mm body with good throw for your hunting light that uses AA cells. There aren't many I'm aware of that use AA cells. 18650 would be the ticket with several options. If I think of any with what you want I'll let you know. :(

For your rifle, I would suggest either the Nitecore MT2A (XP-G2) or MT21A (XP-E2), both UI are the same. With head fully tightened it will be Turbo mode only. User defined modes can be achieved by loosening the head a little. Has a forward clicky for momentary on. Battery uses 2xAA. Also good for everyday use also the MT2A has more usable spill and comes with a pocket clip. Although I don't know about reliability when you factor in recoils from the rifle though. Also, Strobe and SOS is in the user defined modes and no moonlight mode. Low mode is okay though.

Alternatively, you could get Solarforce L2R host with a suitable drop in.

Regarding the headlamp, if you want a detachable light style...you could always purchase a headband strap a-la-carte and strap-on available flashlights. If it is a band with a top loop you can strap the MT2A/MT21A to it. Although comfort wise I still prefer headlamps that rests on your forehead (I have a Skilhunt H02).

Hope this helps give you an idea.

EDIT: Did a quick search, apparently gun mounts mostly suit 1 inch diameter flashlights. If that is the case then my above suggestions are probably not suitable.

Hello Nirth,
Pleased to know your request. Brontelight Technology Co.,Ltd. has products close to your requirements but not exact.
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I think you buy from the B2B marketplace if you need a large amount of !

Brynite B158 for your rifle, Skilhunt H03 for headlamp and general purpose is what i would suggest.
But for close up work the Skilhunt is not floody enough i.m.o., but i don’t know a better stock alternative.

(edit) sorry i missed the AA requirement…