Looking for flashlight in Malaysia.

Hey guys, I just moved to Malaysia and I’m looking for a LED flashlight for emergencies (place i’m staying’s a bit run down) I found this flashlight on a local malaysian site https://www.imsold.com/ad/eTJK9Gn0q7/home-and-living/appliances/multifunction-super-bright-flashlight-zooming-b63/zanna-ibrahim - what do you think of it?

Hi, I’m a fellow Malaysian. Which state you’re in?

check them out, they offer some very good prices on high quality flashlight like Nitecore, Klarus, Eagle Eye, etc Facebook


You still can get from local web based website if you still want something good and affordable.
I brought some headlamp from Lxxxda site.
Most of the time flashlight at china website give better deal to have it.

You can go to lelong/buysell Malaysian website. Plenty there.