looking for good 17650/17670 batteries or will (2) r-123's/16340 be better for performance/ runtimes

hi, all i have found is the eagletac, at illuminationgear at $10 each, which according to HKJ is from an unknown manufactuer and rated as an o.k. battery. i have a couple of itp sc2 flashlights that accept one 17650/17670 battery or 2 r-123’s/16340. i have measured the light with a caliper to see if i could drill out the tube to accept a 18650, but it is too close. would i be better with a couple of good japanese-made 123’s, or the most-likely-made-in-china 17650. if the 123’s are better, can you suggest what are the ones you have had good performance from. thanks in advance, gary

I believe that all 16340/RCR123 are made in China.

To compare batteries at different voltage, look at the Wh specification. A 16340 is about 2Wh, i.e. two 16340 is 4Wh, a EagleTac 17650 is about 5 Wh and a 16650 is 6Wh.

This may be of value to you though there 16650.


thanks for the reply. HKJ told me about the 16650’s today, that are better than the 17650’s. after reading the 16650 reviews, it appears that the keeppower 16650 is better than the ones available at intl-outdoor, so just trying to find somewhere that sells the keeppowers.

Looks like a mm or two but a 18650 is higher than 10Wh.

I run those Sanyo 16650 from Intl Outdoor in my D25C2 clicky and mini. I also run them in all my quarks and anything that takes two CR123. They are a perfect fit whereas AW17670 are two fat and have less capacity.