Looking for good, yet cheap 2-prong EU cable to use for chargers!

Couple of chargers that I own came with US plug, for some Ive used US to EU power plug adapters and while it works, I could do without them and just use dedicated EU power cable!

Ive bought this cheapie on Ebay, 4 of them to be exact - http://www.ebay.com/itm/111071115572 .

They look and feel cheap, it feels like they are made out of plasticine and very flimsy and their connectors are looking corroded/low quality on one side:

It might not be too obvious in these pictures, but they do look rough and, well, unfinished.

And also somewhat misaligned plug on the other end of the cable, there are no two identical ends that you plug into devices:

Mashup of plastic and metallic parts, vary by specimen.

Heres the branding of this garbage wire:

So I was wondering if anyone knows good place to buy quality wires and still keep the price affordable with worldwide shipping?

Just cut off the US plug and fit one from your locality

It might cost more to buy EU plug locally, thats why Im asking ;)!

this one look good but you have to test one to be sure. So buy one (but there is chinese new year coming around) and if it’s garbage so you only lose 2 bucks.
If it’s good so buy again.

I bought a nitecore i2 on fasttech and they offer it with us OR eu plug. So I don’t know if the eu version or the i2 exist or if fasttech swap the power cord, but the one that come with the i2 was good.

I work for a IT department so I have access to all the power cord, C6, C8 and C14 (see here) so I don’t have to buy them.