Looking for help....

I am looking to get a flashlight customized/ modified. I would like to know if anyone in here does this. ThaI have if a idea for a gift for the wife… I have a 3 D cell mag light I would like to cut down to a 1 D… I would like to get a after market drop in to make it brighter. I want it white pearlized with two tone pink flames ( like the one Old Lumens built ) … Is this possible? Anyone on here with the skill to do it??


Several members here (with lathes), or at CPF can do 1D light for you, but for the flames, you seem to be looking for a custom paint job. I don't know of anyone doing custom paint on flashlights, but I could be wrong. I would suggest finding the best painter in your area who does custom car or better yet, custom motorcycle paint jobs. I would think the flames would need to be air brushed on something as small as a Maglite. Anodizing is a neutral base and with the right prep, it would work with automotive, or air brushed paints.

Pearl with Pink flames would be awesome, you just need someone with air brush skills.

Thank you old lumens… Now all I need is someone who can cut it down!! LOL