Looking for High voltage (12+) 17mm driver.

Looking for an inexpensive 3-4 amp driver that can handle higher input voltages.

Minimal modes are prefered, one or two being ideal.

Driver will be running an xml hi behind a tir optic. Host is a Convoy M1.

Vehicle related I’d guess ?

Eventually yes. Right now 3-4s would be fine


mtolya on ebay.
His boards can be stuck in a COnvoy S2+ short body and they handle 27V IIRC

No stock, only a wait list.

And I was REALLY hoping to order from their site too… They have white flats on boards!


I will do some digging, I’m not sure his boards are what I need. They certainly do have a great input range though!

Try these… I’m using them now on a couple projects…


Here is the one I used in my motorcycle high beams (S2+ shorty with XHP50 and TIR optics)

Be cautious, those are not buck drivers, they won’t really lower the voltage to the led (aka you can run 12v input and use a 3v led)


Looks like they would work later, but for now I will be shortening the host as much as I possibly can. Without going into to much detail I will be running a couple hosts on a very small helmet mount so length is important.

Cautious? What’s that? Just abusing a couple LEDs… :smiling_imp: Yes I know they’re not buck drivers - I have them in a couple 2s lights…