Looking for ideas on 18350 lights.

Hi all. I’m looking for a light for a friend. I’m okay with modding and will likely source out 3000K Nichia 219C high cri LEDs.

He’s looking for the following :

1.). 3000k
2.) 90 CRI or better
3.) Brightness
4.) continuously dimmable
5.) center hang for lanyard use

  1. can be using a dial or perhaps a button with the right firmware and UI.

I’m just not sure what the best option is. A modded convoy s2+?

The UI is the challenge.

Let me know!

I would recommend the SST-20 3000k Emisar D4:

It will have more throw than the 219C version, better tint and color reproduction, and less heat.

No lanyard option though. Magnet could be added afterwards if needed.

Could work. Good idea.

Any other ideas?

As you said, modded Convoy S2+ with this LED, an SST-20 3500k 95CRI: