Looking for modding flashlight

Sorry if there already a topic on this subject, I looked for a few days on this forum and didn’t find the answer…probably I just got lost haha

So I am looking for a”cheap” flashlight that work on 1-4 18650 batteries (because I have few of them from different projects lying around lol) for an experiment…
ן would change is drive + leds with ir led and some color leds (400-650 nm)
So I am looking for the cheapest but versatile flashlight for the mission.
For now I’ve got my eyes on the c8+ but I’m not sure…
If it is matter all the leds would be at max rate 10 w(Chinese so much less haha) and 3v.
By the way if you have better web then AliExpress to order ir 850 nm xmls I would like to hear it also.


So I see no interest in my thread… I guess some of you got lost in my requests so I will try this again.
I am looking for a flashlight

  1. Works on 18650
  2. Budget of 30-50$
    3.can easily mod, there are leds in he’s size and drives.

I would really appreciate any help!

Astrolux EC03, Sofirn c8f ?

Convoy M2. It’s the first light I modded, easy to take apart and rebuild, no special tools needed, common size of driver and emitter boards.

Just get a Convoi s2+ with amc7135.
Single 18650, 17 mm driver easy to take apart.....

Thank you so much for your suggestions.
I will not lie, the Astrolux EC03 really cought my eye, I like the ui and of curse I like the fact I can use my 18650 batterys…
My main problem is that I didnt find any guide on disassemble it, I will surely make it… But I didnt like it.
Can you tell me whats the led size and drive?.
Also can you recommended me on a led chip store for ir chip and other colors?, I can buy it from Ali but I dont really trust the seller there…

I really recommend against the EC03 for firs modding.
1. It Has 3 LED so you will have to buy many LEDs for your try and error.
2. It only works with longer 18650, not sure what type you have/
3. 3 xhp50 draws A LOT current, not sure if you have high drain cells

I don’t know where you live (for shipping purposes) but i have a Keygos M10 with two interchangeable heads for sale.
It takes an 18650 or 26650 :smiley:

Thanks for your heads up!!
I really didnt check if it needs special size 18650…in which world we live in when 18650 not mean 18mm on 65 mm haha.
But really good point and I will check it from now on!.
I got 8 new original samsung inr18650 25r that I thought that will do the job(turbo mode doesn’t matter for me at all).
As for the modding itself, im a programmer at my profession and hobbyist maker… I have lots of experience with soldering smds micro controllers building 3d printers etc etc…
So for me the 3 leds mean more fun to experiment… I really dont care if things will burn, I even want it because you learn from this.
So if your against the flash just because of my experience its fine…
But if your against it because the parts for it not really available or the heat handling is bad please please please let me know!, also if you have better flashlight to recommend 3 leds in my budget I would be more then happy to hear it!