Looking for multicolor flashlight

Hey folks,

im looking for a rgbw flashlight with the following features:

- the colors should have multiple levels, at least high and low, the more the better

- UI shouldnt be too hard (i own a Eagtac D25lc2 color, its a pain in the ass…)

- if possible, the white main light should be high cri… but i think that isnt possible :smiley: at least there should be a moonlight instead (and ww or nw colortemp)

  • should not be bigger than 1x18650

Any ideas?

As i mentioned:

- i own the Eagtac already

- i have owned the SRT 7, colors only 1 level, i think there is the same problem with the Fitorch MR35?

  • Nitecore Chamäleon only color levels for one color, the other 2 only one level

Cheers, Michael

The D4v2 might work, but I don’t think changing colors is very easy. Maybe you could pay someone to make a special firmware for you?

Should be a stock one, modding is no alternative. But thanks for the idea!

FW3A + Lexel color array. Requires modding, though.

You set the bar higher than possible without the option to mod. I don’t believe what you want is available.

Led Lenser P7QC?
Skilhunt H02C/H03C?

If it is not possible without modding i will have to wait. Maybe in the future there will be one :wink:

The question was if there is one existent now. It´s not bad if there isn´t any. Or maybe there is one really close to my request.

I believe Led Lenser P7QC don´t have multiple color lvls? And LL Wouldn´t be my first choice :smiley:
The Skillhunts don´t have multiple lvls for sure.

Thanks for your ideas!

The P7QC has two modes, high and low. I know that LL don’t get much love on this forum, but they do have a few hidden gems. I found the colour modes a lot more impressive than those of the Nitecore SRT9, which was very disappointing in comparison.

Hm… seems that i have to take a closer look at this one. Thanks!

I own a Skilhunt HC03 RGBW but it only has one brightnes per colour.

Nice light though, I have the neutral (4000K) version and although the white light is 70CRI, the good tint makes it look better than that. There is a (not very annoying, but clearly present) tint shift over the beam because the dies are, neccessarily, off-center.

It’s a headlamp, not a flashlight, but the black diamond storm has dimmable RGB and white to any level, no steps. It’s 4XAAA. I don’t have one, so I can’t comment on on the tint and CRI. It’s generally not all that well reviewed, but given your needs it might be worth considering.