Looking for my first decent light for edc

I’ve been driving myself crazy doing research the last few days. Im trying a thrunite tn12 2016 and fenix pd35tac. Nitecore p12gt on the way. So something in similar style.
I’ve decided this what I’m looking for:

  • around 1000 lumens min
  • moonlight mode
  • Memory
  • instant moonlight mode access(this is the tricky feature to find)
  • prefer momentary on by pushing button part way (added after edit)
  • $80 or so range, but flexible
    Wondering if I’m overlooking a light that has these features.

Definitely prefer the clearer beam of the fenix over the thrunite, but no moonlight on the pd35tac.
Eliminated eagletac dx30lc2 due to no moonlight or memory.

Thorfire VC10 VG10
Memory so moonlight start is possible
It states 840 lm
Very nice light high quality.
And much cheaper then $80 (less then half with extra goodies about a quarter for just the light)

The Olight S30 would appear to check all the boxes, for about half the price you mention.

Zebralight UI lacks standard memory but you can easily get to any mode you wish very quickly. The modes are configurable as well. For instance if moonlight is not to your liking you have several choices by entering a config mode and selecting a different lumen level. On paper the UI looks confusing but in practice it works great. Not cheap but worth it IMO.

Direct link to UI operation: http://www.zebralight.com/assets/images/USER_GUIDE_V40_2013.pdf

Choices above good, yet consider Manker U11 as usb chargeable too.


The Manker Quinlan U11 clicks all the boxes, I believe:

•around 1000 lumens min
•moonlight mode
•instant moonlight mode access(this is the tricky feature to find)
•$80 or so range, but flexible

The side button also has LED low voltage warning.
Deep-pocket carry clip.
On-board USB charging with double seal.
Very compact, especially to have side button and on-board charging (105mm).

It has been in my EDC rotation for a month now, and it is a solid, dependable light.

+1 for the Manker U11, I changed the led on mine for an XP-L Hi for a little extra throw over the stock one

Another +1 for Manker U11…just one “” for the moon mode it’s too low for me. Except that - briliant light.

Take a look at the new zebralight SC600 MK3 with XHP35… Price between $80-$95. Zebralights are considered to have “perfect UI” and this one is well over 1,000lm

A other light with instant moon and turbo would be the sunwayman C23C.

I also recommend the Olight S30. I got mine for under $23.

S30 ticks all your boxes, has a bonus of a tailcap magnet, and is much more compact than the P12 or TN12 while still maintaining the large-capacity 18650 battery.

Does the s30 have momentary on where you hold the button halfway it turns on?


In order to have momentary, you need a “forward” tailcap switch. The lights like P12 and TN12 have both “forward” tailcap switches and electronic switches. The S30 and Manker U11 have electronic switches exclusively.

$80 for SC600 III. Where?

It was mentioned over CPF in the large MK3 thread, order from illumn and use the CPF –15% coupon, can’t remember it right now, will have to look it up for you. But most people still ordered direct from ZL, they believe this way they receive the “newest batch” without the green tint.

VG10? I’m guessing.

At that price I was going to pick one up just for the heck of it, need some lights around the house, but not seeing much for less than $50.

Another Zebralight option is the new SC63 (cool white) or SC63w (neutral white). Basically, it’s the same as the SC600 Mk3 but a little shorter, so better for EDC. You won’t find a smaller and brighter 1x18650 light anywhere. I really like the Zebralight UI; programmable and lots of modes to choose from.

Pm sent

–1 Zebralight , they don’t have memory or momentary.

Can you explain your liking for a clearer beam ?

you are right thanks, corrected