looking for smooth p60 drop in kit for xp-g emitter

I saw a link posted here a while back but can’t find it now. I think it was from fasttech. Anyone know? Thanks.


...but, XPG seems to work better in the standard XML reflector. Especially if dedomed.

I’ve used these before and they worked but I had better luck with the ones made specifically for the xp-g emitters. They have smaller holes.

Yes, but the beam pattern is better in the XML reflector. As for 'better' as in fitting, it's easy to cut down a XPG centering piece to fit inside the 5x5 square of the XML centering piece. Or, FT also has an insulator made to do that, adapt a 3.5x3.5 LED into a 7mm hole.


Thanks! I’ll order me some of those and the xm-l reflectors.