Looking for some sage advice... Supfire L3 mod.

I picked up one of these from Richards sale, nice light btw. Stock, it is not bad, but not great. I would like to install a different driver, I think I will stick with 1 cell. I am considering a FET driver, but could also do a linear but do not see an advantage other than better regulation. It looks like I could go 2 cell and get a buck driver in there as well. I think I would like to be around 4-4.5 amps when done.

I plan to stick with the XM-L2, unless it would be better as an XP-G2. My main goal is to extend the usable light distance. I currently use a modded SRK for the task, but I think this might be better suited to the task. In any case I need to drop in a DTP star and maybe a 3C/3D tint LED.

What have you guys done with similar lights that maybe you would have done differently in hind sight?

Thanks Matt

Throw it and ask yourself:

What is the true function of that thing?

When is the last time you run? How long can you stand the effort?

XM-L2... Or XP-G2?

Wait... XM-L3 and XP-G4 are already on their way, and many other things to fulfill your needs...

More to come... Always brighter, always better... But still, you won't see.

Buck driver, nichia 219c or dedome the xml2 both on copper of course. You don’t have to use two cells for those times that size might be an issue, but you can still get the runtime and performance of 2 when you need it.