Looking for Suggestions

Hello all,

I’m new to BLF so my apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong spot.

I currently own a FW4A Cree XPL HI 1A and a Nightwatch NI03 Valkyrie Luminous SBT 90.2.

I really love both and would like my next purchase to be something super floody like the FW4A but around the size of my Nightwatch or slightly larger. I’d like it to sustain around 5-8k Lumens for 30-60 minutes and have a turbo of over 10k Lumens that can be sustained for 30-60 seconds. I wouldn’t mind trying something in the ‘soda can’ form factor and wouldn’t mind something with a reflector or optics.

So far I’ve looked at the: Fireflies E12R, Emisar D18, Lumintop FW21 Pro and the HaikeLite MT03 TA Devourer. I’m open to any form factor. I’m currently leaning towards the HaikeLite at the moment.

With your suggestions I would appreciate if you could include the size of the light: head diameter, length and overall diameter, a few minutes pictures of the light, some general specs: runtimes (lumen output, candela output, range and runtimes) for the various modes as well as any personal experience you have with the light: pros and cons etc.

Any help appreciated.

You're going to love it here, SamSam!

Anyone have any experience with the Mateminco MT18S?

I just received the Astrolux MF01S which is the same light. Only used it briefly though, not enough to get a good opinion. I got the 4000K which has less lumens but a higher CRI. I an happy with what I have seen of it so far.

Good flood and bright. Hopefully others can chip in with more details. Should be reviews of it here somewhere as well.

Edit: here it is…. [4K Review] Astrolux MF01S - The most fun pop can light?

If anyone has a clue regarding what the light settles to (astrolux) after it’s turbo timer in lumens that’d be wonderful.

I found a review for am Emisar D18 which is again a similar light. The review has runtime graphs for a few of the big lights so it will give you a better idea of what may meet your requirements.

Info on the mf01s runtime is not something I could find but would not be surprised if it is close to the D18 since it is using the same number and type of LED’s.

Thanks a lot will check this out.