Looking for the impossible….

Luminous Efficacy: typ. 130 lm/W @ 350 mA, 85°C (3000K)
Is from the specsheet. Can’t find any other lm/W but would be nice to compare them because then we know how much efficiency is lost in the led or in the light itself.

It’s going to vary bin to bin anyways, but you can find tests of a 4000k 95CRI SST-20 and a bin of 6500k 70 CRI SST-20 here on the forum.

At the same 1.4A, that bin of a 6500k emitter output 581lm , while the 4000k one outputs 406lm.

That’s naked emitters with a variance of nearly 200lm due to the CCT. Throw it in a light with optics and the ~300 range isn’t too far off, despite the 600 claimed LED lumens.

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Seems to be a real science figuring out brightness.
Without a decent runtime test runtimes are a mystery too. 3 hours @2000lm turns out to be a sharp stepdown after 10 seconds and then slowly fadinding to ANSI lumens or something like that.

There are “only a few” things to consider when you look at runtime curves:

  • do they use the best in class battery or what came with the light?
  • is the battery fresh from the charger or had it rested for an hour?
  • when you use the included battery do you get its full capacity after a few charging cycles?
  • do you cool the light while testing?
  • is the LED the same? Normally the tested prototype is a different batch / bin then production. And while production they had to use different bins.
  • coatings on lenses can change
  • what temperature limit is set in Andúril? 45°C , 55°C or 60°C ?
  • can you have a different driver in the lamp, what is in your lamp?
  • was there a firmware update which changed the ramp? (e.g. TS10)
  • Can you use different battery tube? (A short tube is standard on a TS11 , sometimes runtimes and output are measured with a 30Q)

Short: it is a complete mess!
You are better of, when you run a test with the ceiling bounce app on your phone.

Thanks for making the impossible even more impossible! :slightly_smiling_face:

But yeah you are abolsutely right.
Add to the list, capacity of the cell and ambient temp.

Runtime tests can only be done after I bought the light.

Is there a ceiling bounce app?

for Android yes, don’t know for Apple

Reylight Pineapple or LAN?

SkyLumen has the Lumintop EDC15 modded to 519a 4500K 90CRI LED or 519a 3000K 90CRI LED. I have one of these, took less than 2 weeks to get and its only $30. It is very floody ( although not as floody as a mule, I prefer the less floody DC-fix over a reflector, myself) and the head will fit the tool body perfectly if you want it as a clicky. The tool clicky has a stupid blue led in the switch that probably has parasitic drain though. I think it’s pretty easy to remove.

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