Looking for tried and true bike light holder for my Convoy S2

I have the 2800mA S2+ and it gets hot on high very fast. If you’re biking in cooler weather, it should be ok. I never run mine on high while biking long distances though because of run time and I live in a very warm climate most of the year. There are some interesting mods that people have used to add extra heat sinking for bike likes though. I’ve seen a heat sink from a CPU modded to go around a flashlight.

Thanks. Think I’m going to do some testing… :wink:

What we need would be a C8 for heatsinking with a big TIR for floodness

Mmm, what about a Convoy M1? Very good heat sinking. Too little flood?

I don’t know M1, I think they are more throwy than S serie and less than C8. This might be a good compromise !

M1 with an OP reflector is rather nice. It doesn’t light up as wide an area as an S2+ at similar output levels, in my experience. It tends to be a fair compromise, as was mentioned, between the throw of a C8, and the flood of an S2. I like to use mine as a good all-around, multi-purpose light. It’s tough, not too big, good heatsinking. But I EDC an S2 at 2.1A max, the form factor is just better for me for every-day tasks.

If I have to loan out a general purpose light, its one of my M1’s. With a 3B tint, it’s perfect. I have one in a 4C tint that very much feels like an old style incan light, but with much higher output of course.

I sometimes (ok, often) feel bad that I can’t use all of my lights all of the time.

I also use this one and i like it, straps are strong and rubber is adaptable to the diameter of the light/handlebar.

I started out with one of those on my handlebars. It is just OK and I got tired of having to readjust the holder on the bars. If you have a 1” diameter light, the universal U shaped piece of rubber (without the 360º functionality) is the best. I’ve been using mine for four years and have hundreds of hours holding C8s of various generations without any problems.

Yes, C8 may be too heavy for fasttech´s holder, weight make it spins arround the bar.

Did you try using the holder upside down? Using the small cavity on the bar helps holder to stay in place.

Hi a1penguin. What exactly are you talking about here? Can you maybe supply a link? Thanks!