Looking for two types of budget lights

Right now I only own four led lights, but I feel its a pretty rounded selection so I haven't really pursued purchasing any additional lights for a while.

Currently I have:

Flood: L2P with nailbander 3.1A XML drop-in running on AW 2600 18650

Throw: L2 with MPP-1 running 2 x CR123

EDC: ITP A3 Eos running 1 X AAA

Beater: Romisen NV-235 running 2 x AA

I would like to add two more lights to my collection any need some ideas on which lights to get.

1. An ultra budget (preferably under $10 shipped) that will tailstand, run on 1 X AA, at least three modes, and be fairly bright. Was thinking about maybe this one, does it tailstand? Looks like it will. Is it only one mode?


2. If there is a budget XML thrower out there that will at least match the throw of the MMP-1, I would be interested in one of those. Battery configuration not important here.

1. Looks like a SIPIK SK68. They can tailstand. You should search around for them on a reputable/semi-reputable site. No telling what might be wrong with the ebay one.

2. KD C8 seems like the best budget XML thrower. Stay away from the 3-mode though. Unless you want a weird slow stobe mode and OP reflecter(I ordered SMO and got OP). I'm not familiar with the mmp1. Wouldn't know if it would throw any better.

Great thanks for the recommendation. That light that I linked to on eBay was from this site, people seem to say it has been good.

I believe the MPP-1 tests around 50k lux if I remember correctly from the research I did before I bought it. Its a thrower!

I just realized there is one other type of light I would like to add to my stable, some sort of a multiple led light. 3x XML light would be nice!

The Sipik SK68 isn’t 3 mode by the way.

Ok thanks, any other recommendations on any of these??

mmh what about?


no idea if is trash looks cheap but also versatile xD

you can take it and write a review? :P