Looking forward to my Tk75

Got an email from hidCanada saying my order is shipped. I hope it’s my tk75, I also have a Sunwayman C11a on my way from him. If I’m really lucky it’s both :wink:

Origionally I’d had an order through Fenix store as well but I got an email that they were sold out of the first batch and it would be awhile before they got caught up.
So after a few pm’s with Ualnosaj to make sure they’d have stock I went with him. Hidcanada has been really good to me in the past, and Ualnosaj is a real stand up guy.

Probably still be a week or so for me to get it, but I’m excited

Congrats!! I know how you feel mine will be here next Friday or Saturday and I can’t wait!!! :wink:

I want one dang it!!!

I had to blurt it out somewhere :smiley:
It’s a well made monster, and should satisfy my need for an awesome multi XML light.

I know what you mean, I did the same thing and the waiting is killing me!! I did get a TK70 last night so that was very cool and can’t wait to compare them… :bigsmile:

That’ll be a comparison I hope you post about :smiley:

There will be beamshots posted!!

Man cant wait. Looking to order one when they are in stock. I have a 22% discount code for it when it arrives. Makes it a little easier on the wallet :wink:

Beamshots, wooot. That’s music to my eyes Rikr.

@flashlightman, getting a deal is definitly a bonus. That’s why I went with Ualnosaj, he’s a Canadian dealer and he will give coupon codes on what he can.
He came through for me on the V11r hi cri limited edition and a few others :wink:

Well my girlfriend is seriously torturing me. I got my tk75 in the mail yesterday but she stole it from me and wrapped it for christmas! I didnt even get to open the case! Even though I wasnt able to open it I am still amazed at how small it is. I was expecting much larger.

Just open it, play with it a bit. Then re-wrap it of course.

I would be heart broke LoL

I agree, that would be killing me knowing it’s right there!!!

Time for new girlfriend. And before the door hits her in the ass on the way out… make sure you get your nuts back from her. J)

Mine got 78k lux at 1meter, measured at 4 meters.
tint a bit looks cooler (maybe same) as TK35. (my TK35 sold)
can use 2x18650s but draw over 4A.
no memory mode for strobe/SOS but TK35 did.

78kcd at 1 meter, so it that 78k lux @ 1meter ?

Yes, I mean 78k lux @ 1 meter.

Awesome, that’s plenty for my needs :slight_smile:

It’s here it’s Here Muwhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahaha
Awesome it’s a monster and then Some!