Looking to get a temperature controlled soldering station

I always adjust mine on the left 45-55% of the scale, namely between 200°C - 350°C. With the correct flux this is sufficient for MCPCBs and up to 18-20 AWG.

As you have discovered these clones are pretty much the same guts so prices are pretty much the same across the board from manufacturer to manufacturer. $16.00-$29.00 for the item itself then the rest is shipping costs! Have a look on Aliexpress there costs are cheaper on the shipping cost so it might be worth having a look if you are in Europe and having it shipped?

I recall a warning to check these things, make sure you don’t have 110v on the metal case …. always a good thing to watch out for.

Polarized wiring and plugs seem not understood by many Chinese manufacturers.

After watching this video review 936D digital soldering station test and internal look. - YouTube I am very tempted to buy the station that I originally linked to 312087 936 Station re travaillage de soudage 60W contrôle température... for sale online | eBay.
It seems to have a few advantages over the normal Hakko clones with a dial to select the temperature & is the same sort of price if not cheaper for us in the UK.

I really like this unit: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-arrived-high-quality-Digital-LCD-Electric-soldering-iron-110W-CXG-DS110T-Adjustable-temperature-same-as/32643992944.html

CXG DS110T, uses Hakko 900L tips.

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Maybe this list of solder melting points help:

Thanks The Miller, funnily enough I had just read that :+1:
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Before I pull the trigger on the digitally controlled station does anyone know of any downsides to it over an analogue Hakko clone ?
Watching some youtube reviews/tear downs of analogue Hakko clones compared to this digital station it seems that this digital one has a bigger transformer allowing the iron to reach the set temp quicker & re-heat during use quicker & also temp calibration seems easier (& accuracy seems very good) as it is done using the 2 up/down buttons on the front panel as opposed to having to adjust a trim pot (internal ?) with a screw driver.

Has there been a group-buy lately for a soldering station? I would be interested in a good looking Hakko clone if a coupon became available.

The big cost is good tips —- which aren’t simple things.

I’d love to join a group buy of real Hakko tips, if anyone finds a source of the little wedge tips best for our purposes.

’oogle it: soldering tip construction - Google Search

The cheap ones corrode — get holes in them — awfully fast, in my experience.

Quality tips last a very long time if taken care of. This is why I only buy OEM tips for my Hakko and Weller soldering stations.

That being said, if you can afford $100, get yourself a Hakko FX-888D soldering station from an authorized dealer because there are fakes out there that suck.

Disclaimer: I have no experience with cheap Chinese soldering stations so I can’t comment on those. Some might be good, and I’ll bet lots of them suck.


For 900M tips. I'd get one of these for myself no doubt…

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I dunno. I had one of those and it melted its hot end — all plastic — sagged right off the handle.

Is there a soldering station available from Gearbest or BANGGOOD that goes recommended? I want a simple one for modding and repairs.

Read the reviews here: hobbyking soldering station - Google Search


Seriously? Which model? There seems to be a multitude of them and pretty sure there are quality differences…

For those of you who prefer the “station” thingie, a few months ago user Don5946 got an FX-951 clone and… there were no further comments in this regard from him, which usually is a good sign. :-)

On the matter thread: Economical soldering station

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So right about the tips. I have an Aoyue 937+ digital solder station, and hated it until I bought a genuine Hakko tip. It was like a totally different solder station with the new T18 tip. The 4 Hakko tips I have now cost almost as much as the soldering station, but it sure works good now.

> which ….?
Blue handle, orange temperature dial, the hot end melted off the handle. I forget where I got it.

Yep, that matches my experience.

I am not disagreeing with anyone as I expect most people on this thread have far more experience with soldering irons & soldering than me (hence me asking advice) :+1:
I have had a very basic non controllable 40 watt iron for a few years now & have probably only used it 6-10 times (I have no idea what temperature the tip operates at).
I watched & read a lot of reviews & tear downs of the many 936 clones & in the most part the general consensus I got from what I watched was that a lot of the clones are perfectly adequate for the hobbyist who will only do a limited amount of soldering (like me) without breaking the bank.
Granted they do not have the build/component quality of a more expensive “branded” station, they will not heat up as quick nor re-heat during use as quick & they probably won”t last as long, but then again we are talking $20-$30 stations here & if I did a lot of soldering I probably wouldn”t entertain one of these cheap stations.
I think for someone like me who will only do a limited amount of soldering then the station I have bought will be perfectly serviceable.
If it is not or I find I start doing lots of soldering & want a better station then I have only spent $30 & TBH I am using this station as a bit of a learning curve.
I can liken this to my recent new DMM purchase.
I could have easily spent $100 plus on a new DMM but after looking into it I found that I could buy a perfectly adequate & accurate DMM for $30 that was a big step up from my existing DMM”s & perfectly good enough for the type & amount of measuring I do.
It is no Fluke or Agilent but it is more than good enough for me :slight_smile:
Anyway I have bought the digital station I linked to at the beginning of this thread & I will report back on it once it arrives.
(I also bought a clone Hakko 191 tip thermometer so that I can check the stations calibration).

Search for
936 soldering
and you’ll find a lot of controller boxes that will accept the Hakko hand piece

Do you mean clone stations that will accept genuine Hakko 936 irons ?