looks like a good deal - Nichia 365nm 3W UV light 18650 flahlight

I noticed what looks like a good deal on GearBest.

A Convoy S2+ 365nm 3W Nichia UV Waterproof LED Flashlight - BLACK for $19.10

They say… Regular Price:$51.77 Discount : 63% OFF

But since a 365nm Nichia UV usually goes for about $16.00 and Convoy S2 host goes for about $9.50
For a total of $25.50. And that’s without a driver. $19.10 sounds like a good price.

The flashlight is only one mode on/off though.
It would’ve been nicer with a 3 mode driver.


BTW, UV- eye protection is most likely a good idea with this LED.

Yes, that’s a good deal.

Yes, protective eyewear is recommended. It’s a very strong UV flashlight.

I bought mine from Simon. Still waiting on my ZWB2 UV filter from GB, originally ordered 11/27/2015 (lost in transit), re-ordered 3/1/2016.

The Convoy S2+ UV works well enough by itself. The filter is just intended to clean up a little of the white light that leaks through the spectrum.

Sorry to hear about your shipping problems.

I thought about getting that filter but its 20MM and made of glass (which is nice) but hard to grind/sand down.
Or is the Convoy S2 glass lens 20MM? I thought it was smaller than that.


I heard it was a good fit, but I really won’t know until I try it.

UV label courtesy of Hank: Review: Convoy 365nm UV flashlight with Nichia LED inside - #37 by hank

I just looked it up on Mountain Elect.
Convoy S2 takes a 20mm Glass Lens with a thickness: 1.5mm

The UV filter has a 20mm diameter and a 2mm thickness. Just a hair thicker. It should work fine.


I’ve ordered one too. I am looking for a short tube for S2+ in the same black ano. Any ideas?

Simon sells black short tubes.

He does not, AFAIK, just red and blue ones.

I have this light and I bought the black lens filter. The light works ok for currency as it comes but if you want to see body fluids and other true UV stuff, you need the black lens installed. That little $1.50 lens is a game changer. It makes it into a totally different light.

I’ve got 10 zwb2 filters that I bought from Gearbest a while back that I don’t mind sharing…

Yes, that’s what I understand. Only blue & red availables.

Wait, why is that such a great price? Simon himself sells that light for about $25, not $51.77. I know because I bought one from him. And if you message him and ask he’ll do a 15% discount for BLFers, bringing it down to more like $22. Yeah $19 is better than $25 (or $22), but personally I’d pay the extra 3-6 bucks to not have to deal with Gearbest and to support a guy who really does do a lot for our hobby. But maybe that’s just me…

Regardless, order from Gearbest if you want. Just don’t be fooled - you’re not saving 63%. Its a very good UV light and easily recommended.

How can I contact Simon to ask about the S2+ short tube in black color?
Another option is ordering a full short S2+ and swap guts, but I don’t feel like needing a full S2+ right now…

From what I’ve been told BLF A6 short tube doesn’t match S2+ tailcap.

You can contact him through his store on AliExpress — http://www.aliexpress.com/store/330416

If he ever made or offered shorty tubes in black it’ll be news to me. I don’t think you’ll have much luck. Let us know if you find out differently though.

Tried it several times via aliexpress shop, never got a single reply, nor via an email address I got from another user and neither via PM here in BLF :frowning:

I’d like to buy one from you!

I’d be interested in purchasing one from you.

Hey. Anyone know where to source just the Nichia uv LED on a board? 14-15mm board? What is the footprint is the LED like?

UPz, emarkd black short tubes for S2+ are now available here:

The cheapest source may just be: buy the convoy-with-nichia276a at Gearbest for $19.10, you can’t have enough S2+ hosts anyway :smiley:

The footprint is the same as the Nichia 119: a plus and minus pad, no thermal pad.