Looks like a professional driver for once 3-18V - 30W


KD has a new 30W boost/buck driver for multiple Li-Ion, multiple XML. Boosts in 3xXML + 2xLiIon, bucks in 1xXML + 2xLiIon or 3xXML + 4xLiIon. Three modes, temperature sense, low voltage protection. Quite pricy for $15 but still looks like a good driver to have.

It was mentioned in one of the triple threads, but definitely worthy of its own thread.

I'll report back after it lands.

First line of description:

"This circuit comes with low voltage protection at 5.7V, so please use two or more li-ion for best result."

I believe that was added after you ordered?

That's the first I've heard of it. There goes the hope that this was the BT4000 driver.

I would like to know how does the mode change works, because for example this one sucks, after you turn off, next time you turn on again it will change to next mode always ¬¬

Any thoughts on automotive applications for this one? 12V-14.6V falls in the range of this but maybe not in a sweet spot? Ive had my eye on a xml offroad light project for awhile....

This would work well with a 12v source for three XM-Ls.

There are cheaper alternatives for 12v, as you don't need the boost circuit. The DRY driver from cnqualitygoods.com is five bucks, for example. Manafont has a $5.80 offering as well, even if their version is a bit bulky.

Dont want to derail the conversation too far away from flashlights but the DRY is DD so I figured it would pop given a car batterys amp potential. This one seems to be regulated with the 3 amps for 3-4 xml configuration and 5 amps for single XML

Sorry, I should have specified the 2.5A max version. Thanks for the catch.

I am curious to see how the temp function is implemented, and its adjustability.

I will be ordering this depending on your findings when you receive it and post your opinion.

Actually, I'd assumed 3 xmls would still "only" pull 5A each if I used a DRY driver in turbo mode (direct drive) w/ my deep cycle 125AH lead acid battery, depending somewhat on the quality of wiring and connections...

Not saying I don't believe you, just that there's something I don't understand. I guess the deep cycle would have 0 voltage sag (even w/o being in a running vehicle w/ alternator). I know it doesn't have any trouble sustaining > 40 amps to my trolling motor:)

try this one instead ;) http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S020121

one of the guys on fotonmag forum (czech) wrote kd to include non blinky modes and they did!

I would like a 3 mode driver with a 30mm base for 3 x Xm-l's with either 3 amps for series or a 9 amp parrallel with a minimum max voltage of 14.8 volt.

Or i would like a 3 mode driver with a 30mm base for 5 x Xm-l's with either 3 amps for series or a 15 amp parrallel with a minimum max voltage of 14.8 volt.

I know I'm dreaming on a 15 amp driver but there should be some thing around 30mm with 9 amps out put a good SST-90 driver in that size ?

I checked this driver, with SST50 it goes 2.8A on led (3.8A tailcap) with one cell and 4A (2.4A tailcap) on 2 cells, driver blinks twice on 1 cell, so it would propably shut off after 3 minutes as mentioned in description. And guys, it is not protected to polarity reverse, smoked mine in 1 second trying to connect wrong way to battery pack... ;)

Single mode only that I'm aware of, and it's around $50 on CPF.

Does anyone make single cell,constant 3-4A current, non amc driver, which would be step up-step down?

There are no torch-sized drivers that I'm aware of that fit that description.

AMC drivers rule the roost for single cell apps.

The Beamtech BT4000 torch has a single cell driving 3 XMLs, so it may be what we're looking for. I'm waiting on the first examples to land in the hands of some members here.

I have ordered one as first as they showed on ebay and wait for it :) Other case willbe my own project of Shadow JM07 Pro, which I want to make 3x XML with ledil cute optics. If no other way will be found, it will ba a biiig amc sandwich ;)

Any news about this driver?

Have you already tested with 3*XM-L in series?

I have not tested this driver yet, sorry.

I'm awaiting delivery of a proper host and will report back when it arrives.