Looks like Exduct jacked all the prices up, who is another good seller of knives?

I guess the long wait for Exduct to get their new site up was a huge waste of time. They went from the best place to get good Chinese knives to one of the most expensive. I can’t see anyone buying anything from them anymore.

So, it opens the door for a seller to carry a bunch of knives and sell at a good price. Most places carry a few knives but nobody I know has the selection Exduct had.

I’m specifically looking for Enlan EL-01s. Anyone have a good source?

Can’t really blame them too much for the price increase. They had seperate shipping charges added to your order before. Now the shipping is built into the prices. I find this approach better as most of the China vendors advertise their products with free shipping; it just makes it easier to compare prices (what you see is what you pay).

Most China knives have gone up in price a bit, probably due to more people having knowledge of their products, so certain brands become more popular. China economy is also slowing, so they may be paying more for the materials. It seems everyone wants an EL-01 - $15.47USD shipped to your doorstep from a reputable dealer isn’t too bad.

What about this guy? Anyone bought from this guy lately?




Joben, he owns Lazy Lizard Gear, stocks most of the most popular Enlan, Ganzo, SRM models. He’s in Conneticut so shipping is fast. Plus he does upgrades. Check out his website: http://www.lazylizardgear.com/

I’m not connected to LL, just a satisfied customer. BTW, the regular EL-01 w/ black G10 scales and plain blade is $17.50.

He's "Hello Gift Shop" on Ebay I believe. I've bought two knives over the last couple weeks from him. Each order shipped out immediately (and the first one came to me in about a week).


I've only heard mostly good service received from the guys here. They are not exactly the cheapest but trust and good sevice goes a long way in my books!

Thanks Gary