Lost & Found

I love cats but this is super cute! :bigsmile:

how can a dog find the owner of the item? :D

Wow, great use of dogs sense of smell, I bet that dog is loving every day on the job where all he gets is hugs, kisses and good will from everyone he helps.

Thank you for sharing!

It's an ad campaign, not a real service. It's been in the news.

This would not be cost effective, i find it hard to believe a large airline would spend the money on this.

They spend a little money on this, the dog finds one or two owners every year, and the real benefit is in marketing.

but cute it is :-)

it is cute, and i would not object if it were real and every airline had it

Breaking News: Flight Forced to Land After Passenger Finds Pungent Brown Substance Under Seat.