Lost in translation!

Saw a new product listing at Fasttech this morning. I chuckled like a teenager at first. But then I realized how this word’s connotation has changed so much in the US! I guess they meant “family fun”.

“Strong all-purpose adhesive for family fun” sounds kind of disturbing, too.

almost as much as your user name! :smiley:
just kidding, it’s funny and sounds like the most german name ever! :beer: :party:

ROFL :bigsmile: Nah, that’s ok, I’d rather change “adhesive” for “vaseline” :bigsmile:

"Bay Area flashaholic discovers gay adhesive."

Here is the book to go with that glue!

How times have changed… Remember the last line of the Flintstones theme song “…you’ll have a gay old time”