Lost light :(

Bought an ITP a3 Ti from ChibM just the other day…….

Returned home from work yesterday, and it had gone from my pocket. Retraced my steps today and it was nowhere to be found.

That light will be missed, it was the first light I had bought in years and it was unique. Trouble was I think it was just too small, thats why it fell un-noticed from my pocket. Maybe I should buy a 6D Mag instead!

Never mind, plenty more lights to buy……………

Well, at least you didn’t lose a $100 light. That would REALLY suck.

I lost a Modded Novatac over a year ago. It still hurts.

The worst part is kicking yourself trying to remember when you felt it last, or where it may have fallen out. Or obsessively looking under the car seat while hope sits on your shoulder and fate laughs at your stubbed fingers while you pull stuff you had no idea you owned out from under the seat, except for that freaking light… where is it? Grrrr, feel your pain…

Check under the driver’s seat really, really carefully with a bright light, I lost a JetBeam Jet II Pro a few years back, and found it the following year, it was lodged under the driver’s seat close to the seat pillar like in the picture, the battery was still in good condition :bigsmile:

Yeah...losing that little light would bug the hell out of me. No worries though...someone will like it ...that is what I tell myself.

Those pockets have been checked and re-checked a thousand times!

Yes it would have been worse if it was a $100 light, but I think I would have kept that one to myself. (certainly kept the knowledge of the loss from my wife :o)

Im just gutted :frowning:

I sometimes find my light with the dirty laundry and/or squeaky clean after the wash cycle! :wink:

You probably already checked all your coat’s pockets…

On the upside … you now have a good reason to buy a new light! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion Alex, I am now £1.84 better off and I found a T10 Torx bit, but no a3 Ti with lovely colours on the head.

I feel your pain. I recently realized my de-domed, spring bypassed Yezl Y3 has been missing from the line up for months. I’ve torn my house apart with no luck… Hope you find it!!!