Lots for trade

Looking for single emitter, copper, 3000-4500k tint, work lights, etc. Andurul preferred.

Wouldn’t mind a green s2r with emitter swap. Otherwise, don’t want any olight brand.

Not interested in nitecore brand.

Not interested in multi emitter lights.

Could use some 21700’s or whatever works in the e01/k1/x9l. I have plenty of 18650 and chargers.

Lmk what ya got

Sand color s2+ not available. Nor the copper s2r. And I’ll probably keep the headlight too.

Not pictured: fw3a

Convoy c8 has an upgraded board.

I have all the boxes and original items for pretty much everything.

Pretty much never use any of these any more. D4v2 used as candle mode for my computer desk and thats it. So I wouldn’t mind a copper d4v2.

Not really looking to sell. Just wanna see what trades I can get.

USA shipping only. Prefer local Meet up in bay area. Or santa Maria/Pismo area if you respond within 12 hours of this lol.

I’m interested in the Copper S2 if you decide to sell

When did they make a copper S2?

I think that’s a S2+ —- The one I have I bought at least 5yrs ago and I believe there was an original Copper S2 — Then there’s the Litnit brand

There was… A diamond knurled gen 1, followed by that square knurled gen 2…

After that he did a straight body and one with lines it it I think. Then no more.

I had 2 diamonds and there were among the first ones here. Recently grabbed a square knurl like that.

I EDC the hell out of them.

Howdy there, I have some trade lights as well also not pictured
Wurkkos ts30 5000k
Haikelite MT40 5000k
Brynite T18 Artemis. w/Bluetoot
MecArmy titanium fidget spinner(unopened)

Interested in copper s2 olight pm sent

is that a BLF A6{black}?

Yep. Specs in sig

I’m assuming you are not interested

In what?

Post 6 good sir:)

Must have missed it.

Out of all those, any sigle emitter, 4000k tint, 18650?

The closest I have to the spec is the Wurkkos Fc11 2700k, it’s 18650, and has ramping firmware very similar to anduril