Lots of emitters new on DX

DX appears to add lots of emitters to the DIY section today. Some warm and some neutrals too. But I can't see the stars I can mount these on.

I like the 5B1 tint that they have for the XP-G. I may have to get one of those. It's already mounted. I'm not ready to try mounting LED's to stars on my own yet.

Mmm Wheres the tint information, I cant seem to find it. *blinded by the XP-Gs i have on my table atm...*

The soldering iron looks good though! rough temp control means more regulated temps than a free runningn 40 watter. Looks cool too!

Whoops, nevermind. It's not 51B (which I mistook for 5B1), it's 1B and the 5 is part of XP-G R5. So it the 16mm XP-G is just a regular old cool white. Don't need that.

back to the good old 4B tint... for cheaper anyway!

More added today. Not one of them of a lot of interest to me though.