Love that 5B1 tint

I just built a Convoy C8 with a Noctigon XM-L2 T4 5B1 80+CRI LED and a Qlite driver. This was my first 80+CRI build and I think that this 5B1 tint is my new favorite. The color rendition outdoors is so much better than the 3C tints that I have used in the past. The 5B1 seems to have a little less haze diffusion than the cooler tints in this humid Florida air.

I was so impressed by the tint that I almost forgot that this was the first time that I have used the Qlite. I’m glad that I bought five of them.

I still need to find a host for a 4C XM-L2 that I have so that I can compare it to the 5B1.

Where did you buy the emitter from? I like 3C as well so hopefully the 5B will impress me as much as it has you! Thanks.

I love mine as well. really nice color. I mean even my wife and mother-n-law mentioned what a nice warm feel the light gave off.

I got mine from IO

Yea, the 5B1 tint is pretty nice. It just makes the 3C look dull, kind of like how 3C makes CW tints look dull. I use the 5B1 when I want more output than a nichia219. The color rendering is pretty good, even when compared to the nichia219.

I have fitted a Convoy M2 with that 5B1 80cri+qlite, and it is indeed really nice, one of the best neutral tints.

My all time favourite colour temp is even a bit warmer (~3500K) but that is just me liking cozy light colours, the overall colour representation is not optimal anymore.

I have one in the mail but haven't decided on a host yet.

if you happen to work under vehicle’s, wait till you try it there :love: it produces no harsh glare or reflection and is brilliant for wiring loom identification.

I have a 6a1 in my x3 and its a tough choice which is my favourite, 6a1 is a real pleasant tint like djozz describes whilst 5a1 is a perfect neutral and does make 3c look painfully stark in comparison.

I have purchased XinTD C8 from intl-outdoor in July.
It is XM-L2 T4 5B1, and I am agree it is very good tint.
I must say the host is also very high quality.

Has anyone compared a T6 4C to a T4 5B1? Is the 5B1 worth the sacrifice in lumens? Based on the color bin chart, they look like they would be quite close in tint, but the CRI difference is harder to visualize.

Some info I found. The T4 5B1 is an exception:

[Quote=CREE]Typical CRI for Cool White (5000 K – 8300 K CCT) is 65.
5000 K - 8300 K:

Typical CRI for Neutral White (3700 K – 5000 K CCT) is 75.
3700 K - 5000 K:

Typical CRI for Warm White (2600 K – 3700 K CCT) is 80.
2600 K - 3700 K:

“In the human eye there are more than 6 million receptors called cones, which sense the color of the light reaching the eye. Based on the sensitivity range of their photopigments three different kinds of cones can be identified. Their names are Protos or L cone, (sensitive to the red colors: Long wavelengths) Deuteros or M cone (sensitive to the green colors: Medium wavelengths) and Tritos or S cone (sensitive to the blue colors: Short wavelengths). The figure below shows the sensitivity functions of these receptors.”