Love the flashlight, but hate the strobbing mode


I love thoses Homdepot defiant/Husky flashlights. It fits my need.

But I hate thoses with the strobbing mode, and I would dare to say that I hate those low mode too.

Anyway easy way to get that out?


Not that I know of unless you change the driver.

Depends on the driver (circuit board). If you can get to it without mucking up the light you might make the light a little nicer. what kind of modes does it have? Does it have memory or make you cycle through them all? Just explain what the modes are and maybe it can help to disable a capacitor on it to get rid of a memory mode you don’t like. If it’s a light that would normally start on high but has “next mode memory” that can be fixed with a lead pencil so that every time you turn it on and off it will always be in the first mode position. No memory is better than next mode memory and that we can normally fix. (If that’s the problem that is)

Yes, having 1 mode on HIGH would be the best for me.

Usually, it goes from High, MED, and Strobe. To switch mode, you have to click within 5 seconds.