Lovin the New Site Format

It looks like those threads are “Watching”, not “Tracking”. It shows a bell with a “!” inside for “Watching”, meaning you get notifications for every new post. The “Tracking” level of notification has no “!” in the bell, and only notifies when someone tags you or replies to you.

TBH, I think this is a flaw in Discourse. It should have a way to list all threads you are subscribed to, in a single list, regardless of whether they’re “tracking” or “watching”. But at the moment it doesn’t.

Anyway, for now, you could click the bell to set it to tracking, and then it should show up in the same list as the other threads. Or get in the habit of checking both lists. I’m not aware of any better solutions yet.

Eek :person_facepalming:
Gone are the good old days of basic functions being put in software.

Yeah, I learned quickly to use only the bell without “!”
Watching with ! flooded my mailbox

A few weeks ago when I found those tracking and watching URLs (hidden in the users prefs pages), I also tried various URL combinations to try and get a combined list. No success. I should do a quick dig through the code to see if there’s a way. I suppose we could submit a feature request to the Discourse team.

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Yep, that seems like a reasonable feature request for Discourse.

I did some digging through the Discourse code. I noticed that a search for tracking shows watching as well:


However, it is slower than the dedicated tracking/watching links because it is a search.


It works because it searches for level >= tracking and watching is a higher level (number in DB).

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Wow! Nice find again there @quahog . I had been playing with the search filters too but I discarded the in: tracking one because I assumed it would only show “Tracked” topics.

Could everyone please test this link? It seems reasonably fast for me even if it is technically a search:

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search results include tracking and watching. :+1:

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It appears to return the correct data (watching + tracking), but it consistently took 41 seconds to load the page, and results were presented as post excerpts instead of a topic list.

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Ah, wow that is a bit slow. It’s under 3 seconds for me, I assumed it would be in that range for most. A proper filter for watched+tracked is still needed, I guess this will work as a stop-gap for now.

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Same here.

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It’s the same for me, and my internet connection is only “average.”

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About 4 seconds

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Thanks for testing. In this case the speed or lack thereof is a function of the database query, not internet throughput.

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I tested that link 3 times. Both before and after each test I ran a speedtest. The speedtest indicated average (for me) Mbps download/upload times. The times were all within a couple of seconds of each other.

25 seconds until the page loaded to display the basic BLF page, but without results showing. A further 30 seconds for the results to populate the page.

I am not at all likely to use it, though out of curiosity I will try again later.

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Data seems correct for me. ~4-5sec to load. using xfinity. I do like the new site…so powerful! Thanks SB

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Less than 2 seconds for me when trying to hit the link and my phone’s stop watch at the same time :grin:

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I’m happy to report that Google seems to really like the new BLF forum engine. I’ve been Googling for random “specific phrases surrounded by quotation marks” taken from new threads created during the past 24h or so, and also from older threads with new posts during the past ~24h, and almost all of them were found:

This is a marked improvement over the old site engine, where Google tended to ignore some threads for many days, and especially followup posts in many threads never got indexed. (That was a particular problem given that the old site depended on Google for its internal search functionality, so that meant that even current BLFers often couldn’t find what they were looking for.)

I imagine that part of the success now is due to the properly functioning sitemap that Discourse generates (the old forum sitemap generator was fundamentally broken and required a major kludge to make it sort of work). And also Google heavily de-ranks sites like the old BLF that it doesn’t deem to be “mobile friendly”, which is a policy that I strongly disagree with, but it is what it is.

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Yes, i noticed too… !

Probably it can “read” that im in the site quite often, so it makes the suggestions accordingly… !?

You’ve created 288 posts and 2 threads in less than two months.
That’s a lot of content for a newbie! :+1:

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