Lovin the New Site Format

I have quite some power in my hands… L☻L !

As i have said before…
In one other forum they had some special awards on the end of the year… !
For the year 2021… they made a special category just because of me… " Best Newcomer Member "… And i was voted " N° 3 Shooper " for my creations on Avatars and on funny creations… !
Example… :
A fellow member was fighting against cancer… so the Moderator who was dedicated on "Shoop creations, made a thread for him so we can make fun on cancer and make him feel a little bit better and have a little fun with us - all together… !
This is one of my gif creations that i made for him, for a simple photo…

Another example…
A fellow Shooper lost his wife… so we made a Shooper Thread on her memory… !
This is one of my creations ( they both like the Elf characters )…

( " Probably some members in here… are looking and thinking some things onesided… and probably they can’t understand the “power” - how nice is when someone makes something to you… !? And how nice pleasure it’s to make something for someone else… !? " )

And yes… i good banned from this forum for some other reason… ! I did the right thing in a specific situation… so it was much easier to ban me, than to change their specific system… !

And that’s why i was laughing the other thread a few days ago… !

Anyways… it’s is what it is… !


Have you been drinking?

No of course,
I fell into the barrel when i was little… !

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I don’t like change in general, so it took me a month to work myself up to getting a password reset on this new system.

But I am a man. I can change. If I have to. I guess. :thinking:

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Okay, sit down.

one of the things i like about discourse is the “fixed” header/title bar on topic pages. no matter how far i scroll—even hundreds of posts down—i can tap that to return to the top.

can that same feature be added to the navigation pages (homepage/latest/unread/top)? i haven’t found a quick way to return to the top of those.

If you have a keyboard, the “Home” key should return to the top of the page. On a phone though… not sure.

Hey there @Rexlion , glad you made it. Thanks for giving the new forum an honest attempt. I know that not everyone likes change, and I’m also averse to pointless change just for the sake of change in the IT world. But this change wasn’t a decision that I took lightly, and there were some very important reasons for moving to this forum platform. Feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions or suggestions to improve it.

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thanks. should’ve specified: on ipad.

Or clicking/tapping the three flashlights or the BLF / BudgetLightForum.com text in the header, also works for going to the top of the topic/thread listing pages with desktop and mobile browsers.

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sorry, that doesn’t work for me. for example, if i’m scrolled far down the “top” page and tap those, i’m returned to the homepage, not the top of the “top” page. if i’m scrolled far down the homepage and tap those, i’m returned to the last visit marker, not the top of the homepage.

it’s not a big deal, really. just enjoyed that convenience on topic pages.

There’s many options to jump to the first post:

  1. As you scroll, you will see the topic name appear at the top and stay there while you scroll, click the topic name.

  2. Click the floating post count thingy (bottom right): example [72/72]. Then click either the topic title or the date on the right.

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@tercet is referring to jumping to the top of the homepage and other lists of topics.

Ah, yes, that’s true.

That strange, sounds like an inconsistency with Safari maybe. So it takes you back to the last visit marker on the top and only shows posts below that?

F5 or just reload the page…

Edit: Oh, iPad. There should be a reload page button.

this is with firefox on ipad. to be precise: when scrolled far down the homepage, when i tap on “BudgetLightForum.com” in the header bar, nothing happens. when i tap on the “three flashlights” image, i’m returned to the last visit marker (rather than all the way to the top) as in this screenshot (the blue rectangle is an ad).

Reloading isn’t really the same thing. The intent is to just scroll back to the top, without having to scroll manually… not to grab a new copy of the page.

However, unless the user is scrolled really far down the topic list, it’s generally sufficient to just touch near the top of the page and fling downward with some force, to make the page scroll a long distance quickly.

Scrolling around a conversation is a different matter… in part because conversations are often many many pages long, and in part because Discourse actually unloads a lot of what the user can’t currently see. So scrolling back to the top typically requires reloading of some sort. It at least does a minimal reload though, keeping the Discourse app running while it fetches the requested posts. A full browser-level reload (like F5) would be much slower, since it reloads the entire Discourse app before fetching posts.

I usually avoid full reloads on mobile, because sometimes it can take quite a while to load. I haven’t figured out why yet, but sometimes Android Firefox stalls for a long time before it starts downloading data from the server. I don’t know if it’s hung up on ssl cert validation or what, but once it gets past that point it behaves normally. Then afterward, as long as I don’t reload, things work fine.

On iOS even Firefox still uses Apple’s HTML/Javascript engine, they don’t allow anything else to be submitted to the app store. That explains why it’s behaving differently from Firefox on my Android tablet. Sounds like a bug. Can you confirm if Safari behaves the same way on your iPad?

surprisingly, safari works correctly. tapping “BudgetLightForum.com” does nothing. but tapping the “three flashlights” image returns me to the top.

Interesting. I’m not sure how Safari works differently if it’s using the same rendering engine. I wonder if Firefox is still behaving the same way as before, or did your newest “last visit” location somehow jostle Firefox to make it behave normally again?

That’s normal, it appears that the link there doesn’t work to take it to the top of the same page it’s already on.

still has the same bug. even after logging out of blf and clearing firefox history/cache. the last visit marker moved. but tapping the three flashlights still returned me to it, rather than the top.