Low-cost copper pills, spacers, optics, drop-ins (Updated 23/10/2022))

Yeah, recently I’ve spent a lot of time manufacturing a Skywolfeye B16 heatsink and I’m not very happy with the outcome. I’ve been thinking about pinging kiriba-ru about making one…and I may do it after all.

At Skylight and Agro,

After doing the bead for the OL Contest, I realized that my lack of tools would be a serious constraint to make this kind of piece. Also, getting, the right size of copper tubes would be a PITA and much more expensive, because the stores around don’t have many materials and they are not cheap in these kind of things.

So, I decided to call for the help of kiriba-ru and the pieces are great :wink:
They have different diameters, to fit different pills as I requested! Of course, some will need adjustments to fit better, but they are top quality! So, thanks again kiriba-ru :+1:

BTW, this is the first use of one of the heatsinks. It is on the Aluminium pill of the second Livarnolux zoomie flashlight I showed above.
It will take 2x14500 batteries, a 15mm driver with Bistro HD OTSM and an XHP50.2 (it will not be the one in the photo as I already damage it :person_facepalming: yes, again! :weary: ).

I had to file the copper and the alu a little bit, and then I had to hammer it to press fit!

Nice mod MascaratumB!

I soldered a number of copper shims to get the rigt thickness and then dremeled it to the right diameter.
The effect could be fine but I just didn’t do it well. :frowning:

Well done, MascaratumB. :+1: Neat idea to fit a XHP50 in a small zoomie.

As I often have heard that the XHP50.2 6V is sensitive to direct drive and tends to burn will it work with two 14500? Just asking because it could turn out useful for my own builds.

Thanks NeutralFan :wink:

Hum, that must have been hard work :zipper_mouth_face: But I guess in the end a solid piece will probably end up working better!

Thanks Skylight :+1:

Not to hijack kiriba’s thread, I’ll say that so far I only succeded with an XHP50.2 on my recently modded BlitzWolf BW-ET1, where I put an XHP50.2 with a 15mm driver with Anduril for 2x14500 cells. I only tested it with non high-drain cells (Sofirn 900mAh), so I can’t tell how good it will behave when I start using higher drain cells.

But I guess the problem with the flaws has been due to bad soldering/reflowing of the emitter and not the relation cells / driver / LED. I will need to get some more leds to complete the mods I want to do with similar configurations, and I need to get high-drain cells to see how they resist to higher currents.

About the XHP50.2 on the zoomie, it would probably be better if it was dedomed, but…It will do the trick ! I hope :smiley:

I appreciate everyone who is waiting for his parcel for a long time.
Unfortunately, more information I get about this situation, I get less sure that it will end well.
From the beginning of this year, the contract between Russianpost and air cargo company has ended and most international dispatches were supposed to fly in passenger airplanes. It worked well when countries had open borders and each airport received hundreds of planes every single day. Then something went wrong.
Overseas shipments that I’ve made between March 15th and May 15th have not left Russia with an airplane (the way they should went). Now they can:
a) be on the slow boat
b) laying in heap, waiting until the heap is big enough to fulfill next slow boat
c) laying in heap, waiting until airlanes get back to work
More recent shipments should go faster (I hope so), some of them have left Russia on June 6-7 and should be imported soon (I hope so).
I do expect pyramid-type sorting delays on both ends (parcels that are laying close to the bottom will be sorted at last, both when exporting and importing), so as soon as I will get delivery confirmation from more recent shipments (again, I HOPE SO), I will be able to offer the reshipment as a go-to way when it is possible.
I will ask everyone to post a message here if you have recently received a parcel from me. This is necessary for other waiting BLFers.

This is local meme. In russian net this sculpture is called “the waiting guy”.
For French speakers: https://www.lemonde.fr/europe/article/2017/03/02/jdoun-mascotte-de-la-patience-et-symbole-d-une-russie-qui-n-en-peut-plus-d-attendre_5087856_3214.html
For Dutch speakers: Eindeloos wachten ligt de Russen wel » Mare Online

I’ve got the confirmation from Russian post that orders shipped to States in May and April have fulfilled the slowboat and should be delivered by middle of July. Later shipments should go by air.
Update 2:
I’ve got the confirmation from Russian post that orders shipped to Australia in May and April have fulfilled the slowboat and should be delivered by end of July. Still no air connection with Australia, so later shipments will wait until air is open or next slowboat.

I like it...

Nice explanation, kiriba-ru, thank you.

This must be the reason why some of my parcels from China take ages while your parcel from Russia didn’t need much more time than usual.

Package shipped 20 May was delivered 13 June. All things considered I think 24 days isn’t bad for shipping time.

I will make another combo (Cu+Alu) batch next month (not sure they will sell fast but anyway need them in stock to be able to make reshipments) and I’m trying to figure out the right proportion between Cu and Alu.


Any ideas for source of 20-21mm quad pcbs?
For NA
For Australia
Since new intl-outdoor quads are 23mm, KD quad is made for chinese 2-leg optics, seems that the only option for other part of world is wait until led4power store will be reopened.

Current information from Russian post (for shipment from June 1st, for older shipments please check #1734):
Australia - barge fills 3 weeks, then up to 2 month delivery time
Canada - air connection is alive
Europe - goes with overland transport, takes 3-4 weeks
Japan - air connection is alive
Mid-East, South America, Africa, Oceania - post services not available.
US - air connection is alive

I have shipped not many parcels during the last weeks, and my own statistics are not big enough to make any conclusions.

Checked the shipment# you gave me… It finally got here to the States!
Still not in my hands yet, but still good news :slight_smile:

PM sent with sale inquiry. Thanks

According to Russian post information, boats that left Russia 24.05 and 7.06 have recently reached American land.
In most cases, this information is still not confirmed by USPS website. Parcels that came with the sea may have a long lag between landing and sorting.

Oh, I know. Just happy that it is here in the States after so long.
We’ll have to see how long it ’s going to linger in Customs after that >.<

Waited this long, I can still wait :wink:

A batch of P60 Cu shells
a batch of P60 Alu shells
a batch of S21 Cu triple spacers
several S11 Cu quad spacers
several S11 Alu quad spacers
will be ready soon.
I hope all delivery problems will be fixed for the next two weeks, and new shipments will go with air when it is possible.

ToolTT heatsink head with 16MM single optics or 20MM triple optics?