Low-cost copper pills, spacers, optics, drop-ins (Updated 23/10/2022))

First post updated.
Some of the parts now are available in States.

Thats great, thank you. Stay safe.

Any news on us UK folk being able to buy any?

One small batch is going to the EU. If it will reach the destination, I will update first post.

Brilliant, thanks!

I received a package from kiriba-ru with triple CU spacers - 30 for S21A and 60 for S2+.

Three things to note:
Shipping from Poland costs $7 (up to 0,5kg) for most European countries.
I can only ship on Fridays.
Payments via PayPal F&F or add 4%.

Pm incoming…

Ordered mine! Stoked now, I can stop using hole saws and pennies :person_facepalming:

Thanks Chatika vas Paus, Kiriba-ru, & Containerfan!

Are the C8 heat sinks still available??

containerfan has sold my yearly quantity in less than a month.
I have some heat sinks left, if I will be able to combine sets and deliver them abroad - I will notify you.

Awesome, That is great news that your parts are selling!

Well if shipping becomes available I’d like to get 2! Thank you

I to am interested in a c8tt!

I bought some copper S2+ spacers from Kiriba-ru through containerfan. These fit the S2+ pill perfectly and I had no problems soldering them together. I received them from Containerfan fast and well packaged. I’d like to thank both of them.

containerfan has recieved my last stocks of the C8TT heads. If you need some, PM him before they are gone.

Any chance you have some copper P60 pills around? I bought some in the past and my only regret is not buying more.

Not here. Not now.

Little update:

  1. I’m abroad, in safe place
  2. containerfan has almost cleaned his stocks
  3. Chatika vas Paus still has plenty of spacers left (and some rare things Imgur: The magic of the Internet ). Poland post has very competitive shipping prices (actually lower that I could ever offer). Link in the first post.

Good :slight_smile:

Glad you are safe :+1:

Great…may you stay that way…