Lowes Black Friday ad 2D Maglite LED - $14.97

Yep, take a grinder to a T-8 torx which has a long enough shaft length (that seems to be the problem - finding one long enough).

Last year I found the same 50% Mag LED deal on Amazon with free shipping and had no problem ordering (after I fought like hell trying and order online from Lowes - EDIT - now that I read my old thread I see Amazon's servers were kicking me off, but when I was able to order later they were still in stock). So before you brave the crowds, check Amazon. Oh, and I did end up with the latest Mag LED version (my local Lowes at the time had the previous LED version on the shelf).


I chucked my Torx bit in my cordless drill and used it to turn it while grinding on the grinder. Worked really well.

I know the home depot only had 3 people in the store when i went that afternoon.
Looked like nobody touched a maglite. lowes was a mad house.

Was the first time I ever got pissed in a long time.
In short a guy was driving way to fast and almost hit a semi elderly couple.

And just to give warning never throw a Dead Blow Hammer at a trucks windshield,
it bounces to much after impact.


Here is a pic of the Maglite 2D LED display that was just put up today at my local LOWES. I know the price says $29.97 but on Black Friday it will be $14.97 This year Lowes is carrying the 134 lumen LED good for 388 meters of throw. That’s as far as Jason Zuback can hit a golf ball!

Last year Lowes also offered the 3D version of the Mag at the same price. They have some in stock but not any as a separate BF display, yet.

Does either Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Sears extend these Black Friday Maglite prices to online sales? I’m stuck out in the boonies, nearest Home Depot or Lowes is 100 mi. away. Plus my tired old elbows aren’t sharp enough for the crowd control anyways.

I saw one post someplace that claimed Lowes online had the Maglite deals going now, but when I checked they posted they were no longer available?

Black Friday is to get customers into the stores! Why would they put them on line? Not a capital idea at all.

As stated above, check Amazon.com. They were 50% off there too and free shipping over $25.


I’m totally embarrassed, your post was in plain sight. Keeping an eye on Amazon is a capital idea.

That’s really not a great deal when Walmart has the same light everyday for $15.97.

That's the price for the incan version.

The LED version is typically around $30

As Chumlee says, ohhhh! LOL!

That’s what stun guns are for… J)

Here is a pic from another Lowes in the area. This display contains about 200 Mag’s. Should be plenty for BF unless people keep buying them before the price goes down. 2 are already sold!

Does anybody need AA Alkalines? Here they are, price will be $4 for 30 on BF.

I compared the one I bought at Walmart this weekend to my L3 K40 and G5 Maelstrom. It handily out throws the G5, but has much less spill. The L3 K40 obviously destroys it, but the Mag LED is very impressive for $15. I would think that it would have to be comparable to something like the Tiablo A9.

Stopped by Lowes to browse the LED mags on sale, and there in the display case was one lone 2D purple incandescent (older style bulb). I could have picked up an LED one, but those purple ones are so rare and purtty, I just had to get it at that price.

Price back to normal as of this morning.

on Sunday evening my local Lowes still had almost a full display! Not a hot ticket item this year! (Compared to the Defiant 3C XM-L at Home Depot which had very little stock on Sunday evening - .)


to begin with. At least at the local Lowe’s. :open_mouth:

I got my twins yesterday.

is quite studly-looking too. Befitting that it’s going to a proud owner. :slight_smile: