Luckiest Day of my Life

When unpacking my suitcase today I noticed that my whole suitcase was rather warm. Naturally that got me worried. When I opened it I found my DRY which was almost to hot to touch. I opened it up and found 2 cells at 3.69 volts and one at 0. I am unsure of how this happened as I had locked it out by placing a price of tape over the inside of the tail cap which was no longer there. My current theory is the TSA saw that and removed the tape for whatever reason. My question for you guys is what would be a better way to prevent accidental turn ons.
I forgot to mention these all had a capacity within 20 mah of each other and they were all at 4.19 when I packed my suitcase.

Remove the batteries when you travel and pack each of them in individual ziplock bags.

Wow. That's scary! DRY turned on without any cooling.. Pfff..

was it on high or turbo? either way that is lucky…

High, it still managed to heat up enough that I could feel it from the outside of my suitcase along with reshape my holster for it. (trust fire holster)

Is the cell fried or was it just a tripped PCB?

Maybe next time use a "DO NOT REMOVE" tape..

Unprotected cell.

Yes, because the TSA is going to abide by that.

Ouchie. Although I wonder how they could have unloaded so uneven?

Find the TSA guy and kick him. That was dangerous..

/edit: @bose: Am I being irrealistic when demanding common sense?

Yes this is the government we are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then hit him over the head with the light.

I just found a the piece of tape stuck to the inside of the body tube. I guess I should be glad it didn’t explode mid air. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hum.. I didnt mean this suggestion to be taken serious when I posted it, but now that I think about it.. why not? I mean, one could expect some caution when reading "LiIon".. you cant legally ship them in an easy way and yet people working in such a critical place are allowed to be that dumb? Its only a question of time until the first LiIon cells go boom and you wont be allowed to take them with you again in your suitcase..

You definitely got lucky.

Yep, the way I see it I should have put them in individual bags. In fact I think I am more to blame then the TSA. See ya guys in the morning.

@fishinfool: Not with the DRY.. TK70 or a 6D Mag will give you way better feel for that. :P

Unlike you guys I’m not so much mad at the TSA, but myself.

Off topic but did you have to go through the xray machine or did you opt for fondling. Hehe


X-ray, but luckily it wasn’t the new type. :slight_smile: