Lumapower D-Mini VX Mod

Has anyone mod his D-mini VX or VX Ultra with XP-G2? I would like to share my result and compare the output and throw after mod.
I have done mine, result as below:

1.D-mini VX XPG R5 mod to XP-G2 R5 3C, 3.04A NANJ 105C driver
Throw 99kcd, output 598lm OTF

2.D-mini VX Ultra SST50 mod to XP-G2 R5 2B, maintain stock driver 2.2A
Throw 88kcd, output 514lm OTF

I compare them with my TN31 that is modded too and about 115kcd.
Wide angle:


TN31 and D-mini VX brothers:

I think you have some bad results here considering that you have Lumapower Turbo Heads…

Probably XP-G2 with dome still on?

XP-G2 de domed can easily throw more than 130KCD in such reflectors… I want to say that you should have 150KCD with Lumapower head considering that you have XP-G2 driven at 3A.

- So probably it is not centered well (try to set emitter that it sits slightly below reflector - unscrew head CCW)

- It is not De-Domed?

  • It does not have any copper path? Only brass + aluminum star?

Lumapower Turbo Head should easily out throw TN31…

Jacob A60 goes 130KCD moded with XP-G2 noctigon star, 2,8amp driver.

They are not de-domed. They are using noctigon board from intl-outdoor. I have no dedomed any cree LED yet except SST90. Do you think dedome will affect XPG2 output as I wish it has similar OTF lumens.
The LED is already sit below reflector due to the design of D-mini VX where it used reflector to press the board down, and there is a plastic insulator, about 0.7mm between the board and the reflector.
Thank you.

You will not even notice lumen drop!

And if you have cool white XP-G2 upon de-doming you will get very nice warm tint.

You should have 140KCD with de domed emitter and with 10% lumen drop. Because I had about 80 on Jacob and it raised on 130 KCD upon de-doming….

Be very careful and use gas method from TomE(Perfect Dedome thread)… You can even soak whole pill upside down using some thin wire and dome will fell of in 4-6 hours…

Report results…

Maybe I will order some Lumapower Turbo head.

Wow, 140kcd is so tempting to try. Will become my 2nd place thrower after SR95S UT. And it is such a small size.
Will do it and report result. Now still playing with these new mod.

By the way, what do you think about putting XML2 U2 dedomed in there? What will be the throw number? Thanks.

I don’t think it will work as good as XP-G2 because Lumapower turbo has reflector constructed for XRE EZ1000 or EZ900 die where it should perform around 100KCD with XRE EZ900 driven at 1,5A…

Reflectors designed for such emitters can accept XP-G2 pretty well…

I would not be surprised if you get around 180KCD with dome off…

Looks like I must do it to see for myself. Thinking how to dip just the emitter in gas without dissoldering it.

I have Vinknguyen54 XP-E2 pill driven at 3A

My small NightmasterV2 can kill(equal but you see further in the night) your ultra big SR95S UT in throw with 240KCD

And mine furthest throwing light Xsearcher overkill’s any Olight with 380 KCD of throw, and it is probably furthest throwing single 18650 flashlight in a world.

But of course you would probably not like output of 200 or less lumens in them so I could only recommend that to hardcore throw fans.

And there is still place to improve them on pure copper pill I plan to made soon :wink:

I think for all 2nd generation XM-L and XP-G you need to overdrive them to see their true insanity.

I have done a C8 with XM-L2 U2 1A on Noctigon with 12x7135 few weeks ago, but still waiting for my lux meter to arrive to see the improvement. Probably the gain will not be as good as others due to my poor soldering skill to stack the 7135 lol.

SR95S UT throw about 270kcd with 1500lm OTF. That provide more usable throw/flood ratio that these smaller thrower. If someone can build a 3*XP-G2 thrower with 1800lm OTF, then it will beat SR95S UT in everyway from throw to flood.

Look forward to your result when you got your meter.

In fact it does have around 260KCD peak readings according to selfbuilt thread on CPF (google it) and he always have 10-15% more readings on his light meter than I have on mine.