Could someone please start another thread with pics of this build? Id love to see the build progression and what parts were used to achieve the final result. Its difficult to follow along with only a translator and no pics.


2M lux with LED! Can you imagine that? From the beamshots it lights up the trees at 700m like it was in daylight, truely mind-blowing.

Where is the picture insert button ?

Plase tell me how to do it.

Regards Xandre

Hi Xandre, it’s very simple and you can refer to this thread,

With this guide I am looking forward to see more of your crazy mods and beamshots. :bigsmile:


Off @409 Meter:


Just for fun:


That looks very impressive. Can you please post a build thread here… with pics if possible? Many of us would like to build this light but dont know where to begin. :slight_smile:

The beginning is buying:

the reflectors,
the host,
the driver, touchy,
the battery (5S Lipo),
volt checker,
Alu rond 150 mm 20 mm,
Copper rond 150mm 3mm,
Srcews and cabel etc…,
heat creme :smiley:

It is best when you have an lathe,or someone do it for you…

And it is not an easy job to build it.
The host seems really big,but it just look so.
Inside (Batteryroom) is full. No space at all…


Now we change the XP G2 R5 to XP G2 S2

DerWichteldriver @ 5A
and a new special dedomimg methode from Vinz
with a special finish.
No green tint and some procent more brightness.

Now 2,2 Mio LUX measered with a Gossen Luxmeter @ 32 meter.

Beamshots with some other modds and flashlights:

Maybe we are going to take more amp…


Is this just heating the LED with a soldering iron and then pulling it off with a knife while it’s hot?

Wow!, 3 close to 100mm reflectors. What a thrower. Great work.


How are you getting the heat out of the host?


Do you have a source for those reflectors?

Vinz has a new system to dedome the LED (only he knows how to do it…)

The LEDs are on cooperstars
Then a cooper ronde (125 mm* 3mm)
Then a really big Alu CPU behind.

The heat does not come out … But it is not a problem…

I bought them from an Olight distributor.

You said that there’s a special finish - is he spraying something onto the LED after de-doming to mitigate the colour shift?

I don´t know…

Either way, this torch you’ve made is extremely awesome. It’s innovation! I love the idea of putting 3 SR90 reflectors together and driving XP-G2s @ 5A each. 2 MILLION lux. What the damn hell? Isn’t this Maxabeam territory? Very nice work Xandre, Fritz15 and Andi.


The beam and the light itself are total bad ass. Thank you again for sharing.


Thanks . :slight_smile:

Now, we are trying to get more LUX …

More Amp and so on…

Without pictures, I don't think folks understand what kind of a beast you have built. I hope you don't mind if I post a couple from you album that is linked to above. If you do not want them here, I will remove them from this post.

I don't know the exact dimensions of those 3 reflectors, but they are for the Olight SR 90 which has a 100mm head.

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