This is not my build. It is Vinz Germany build.

As far as I know juts an aespheric lens………but of very good quality.
Led dedomed, bonding wires strengthened and on top of that a pre-collimating lens, so not light is lost.


HAHA, no, my toe wouldn’t like that much either. Those bezel spikes are mean and even a bit impractical as the light does have some significant “back-throw”.
When you’re out in the dark and the light is on max it can really hurt your sight. A definite improvement point.

I don’t know which head was used and even if the original lens is still in there or whether that has been replaced.
What I like about this light is not only the excellent performance (for an aespheric the spot in insanely large, and therefore very practical) but the pure craftsmanship throughout the entire light. Nothing, really nothing can be compared to the quality of the original Acebeam/Thrunite components.

Extremely tight threads, excellent ano, the selectorring turns with just enough resistance and extremely smooth, nothing scratching, not even remotely, without any play.


What are you thoughts about 3 XHP 35 hi ?

Regards Xandre

Then it´s not longer the “LED LUX MONSTER”, but rather “LED LUX LUMEN MONSTER”. :smiley:

Now the name is Lumensteins Lux Monster

We did it. :smiling_imp:

Regards Xandre

PS got today a Mjölnir with XPL hi

Some Pictures from the inside

The heatsinkweight is 1475 Gram
that means it is heavy

Regards Xandre

Beamshots will follow…

Inside :

LD M2 @8A
Lippo 4s
3 XHP 35 parallel

Ca 5-6000 Lumen

ca 1,6 mio Lux measured at 7 Meter,

we think it is more at more meters,we measure it at Saturday at 30 meters.

Regards Xandre

Pictures from Outside:

What is the diameter of those reflectors?

Those Reflectors are Reflektors from Olight SR90. :wink:

That is one Monster light. :beer:

The usefull diameter is 88 mm

It is so bright, that if you are use it in the house,
it is recommended to use sunglasses.

Regards Xandre

Lux @ 27,45m: calculate back to 1 meter

Some measurments orginal and mods

Convoy L6 Mod short… 91.913
Convoy L6 Mod… 113.82
TinyMonster 60… 130.612
Acebeam K60 … 160.443
Thrunite TN36 light… 337.818
FireFox4 … 347.493
Acebeam K70 … 445.472
Mjölnir… 459561
Thrunite TN32… 482.942
BOSS1 Mod CW… 486.974
BOSS1 Mod NW… 507.936
X7 Mod Andi … 546.636
Fenix TK61 Mod Sma… 592.592
Lumensteins Lux Monster… 1.894.682
Maxabeam… 6.530.606

a great light for sure!

thanks for showing

Against the “grünes Scheusal” (High Power HID):

Fabulous! Just outstanding job done on that! I want to mark it as “Rude” because I DON’T HAVE ONE! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

That is one MONSTER triple! I am impressed!

Wasn’t expecting to see such a marvel of a flashlight build when I clicked this thread. Hard to fault the dimensions as it is just about as small as such a light could possibly be. That heatsink looks like it’s from a first gen core i7/xeon LGA1366 Intel cpu box. I still have a few those laying around. Thanks for sharing your build Xandre it’s remarkable.

Once upon a time

The next step will be 3 SBT 90/2

Regards Xandre