Now, we are trying to get the ~2 Mio LUX with 3LEDs :slight_smile:

(Fritz 15,Andi and Xandre)


The Host:

The driver : 5A

Reflector :
3 Pieces SR 90 Olight

3 XP G2 @ cooper-sinkpad from nitro,dedomed

Regards Xandre

Thanks for sharing; that's one heck of a Handscheinwerfer !

Since lux is your goal, is there a reason you decided on reflectors over plano-convex (aspheric) lenses ?

Either way, it will prove to be a project 'an sich' to align the hotspots in triple throwers like these .

We like the little- useful Spill we got.

This light will be lost @ using an aspheric.

And we like to do it in an other way, to get the LUX.

Regards Xandre

Pics, or it didn’t happen :wink:

Will coming soon :wink:

Regards Xandre

I don’t see pictures! J)

Post 117


Nice build and nice pics. Hope the people 635m away don’t get blinded.

Maxabeam vs LEDLUXmonster Post 132

Some Beamshots added: Post 133


Xandre could you please post pictures in this thread? I can not open pictures from your link(my friend either)


1. Control
2. 409 Meter
3.Just for fun


You have to register on the German forum in order to see those pictures so I just thought that you could put it here via insert picture button?

Could someone please start another thread with pics of this build? Id love to see the build progression and what parts were used to achieve the final result. Its difficult to follow along with only a translator and no pics.


2M lux with LED! Can you imagine that? From the beamshots it lights up the trees at 700m like it was in daylight, truely mind-blowing.

Where is the picture insert button ?

Plase tell me how to do it.

Regards Xandre

Hi Xandre, it’s very simple and you can refer to this thread,

With this guide I am looking forward to see more of your crazy mods and beamshots. :bigsmile:


Off @409 Meter:


Just for fun:


That looks very impressive. Can you please post a build thread here… with pics if possible? Many of us would like to build this light but dont know where to begin. :slight_smile: