Lumenzilla’s Old Lumen BLF Contest Entry


Recently I found some interesting material called polymer clay and I want to explore this material for my DIY hobby. It’s not a new material and I believe many of you already knew about it.

I was inspired by the ceramic Minion by Lux RC and I want to mimic it with budget style.

So here’s the ingredients:

This build will be a direct drive. But this might changed if I found a spare driver in this very tight deadline: 3 days left.

First step is building a negative contact. I planned to use a copper pipe but I accidentally destroy it when tried to unbending it :doh:

If you want to manipulate copper pipe heat it first on the gas or flame, it becomes soft then :+1: It doesn’t have to be hot to bend it - you will be able to do it by hand (just about) when cool.

Thanks Goose, I should do a research before bending it forcefully

Got a chance to continue the build, here are some pictures:

I decided to use amber LED, reflown into aluminum MCPCB with very simple reflow tool.

The result:

The MCPCB will be used as a simple pill as well.

I attached the negative pole of LED with the metal tube and used kapton tape to secure the “pill” into the tube.

Adding some sort of switch…

And testing…

After the “engine” is ready, now it’s time to build the host for the flashlight.

I said that I want to mimic Minions from Lux RC but my sense of art is far from good. So please expect the unexpected :partying_face:

I grated the polymer clay with knife and it’s quite hard.

I added few drops of baby oil to soften it. Unfortunately the treatment process was undocumented because I forgot to take some pics.

After struggled shaping the clay as I wished, I managed to build these poor shapes :weary:

I believe Serge will be sad seeing a terrible shape of what should be looking like a Minion replica. This is far beyond it.

As instruction on the packaging, I need to harden the clay with oven. 110-130 degree Celcius for 10-30 minutes.

I don’t have oven so I used a pan on top of stove. I put the lid to keep the heat inside pan.

Using smallest fire possible, I waited for 5-10 minutes until I smelled smoke from the kitchen :person_facepalming:

What a mess!

I think it’s a game over.

As I really want to find a solution for the host, I need to take a rest because it’s midnight already and I have to work tomorrow :smiley:

Well, I still have a few hours to finish it. I’ll close my eyes and I hope tomorrow I get fresh idea to finish the build.

Nice to see you in the contest lumenzilla :wink:
About the host…how about…hot glue?
You have some coloured glue you can use (in case you have it at your disposal)!

In any case, good luck and good work :+1:


REMEMBER - you only have to make a working light……… worst case scenario, wrap insulating tape round it. Even in it’s most basic form, it will be a light, it will be hand made and it will still likely win a prize. :+1:
Don’t give up now. Lesson learned for next year.

Welcome to the competition! Too bad about that host. Building can be frustrating. Just take a moment to breath and then start looking around. I’m sure there is something sitting around from which a host, even if a humble one, can be fashioned.

Hacksaw a something hollow up :smiling_imp: disposable mop handle maybe? Chair leg and drill it out lol, if you saw all 4 off it won’t show :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you get Fimo or Sculpey in time?
Though it seems both require an oven. :weary:
RockLight!… what a good idea.

I am truly amazed by all of y’alls skill set. Impressive :bows:

This idea came into my mind this morning. I have black and clear/translucent hot glue sticks, I think I can mix them to give it a pattern.

Thanks for the supports!

Out of nowhere, I found this permanent marker and it fits nicely with my “engine”.

Chop chop chop

Another chop

Drill a hole for the switch. I’m using Peak Eiger’s momentary switch.

and ready to assemble!


And final testing:

It works! :slight_smile::slight_smile: :slight_smile::slight_smile: :partying_face:

I know I shouldn’t point the torch into eyes but it’s into camera :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m done and thank you!

There ’ya go! Cool!