Lumenzilla’s Old Lumen BLF Contest Entry

Atta boy!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about. If you’re creative enough, anything can be a flashlight host :smiley:

@MtnDon & Gchart
Thank you, Sirs!
I can feel the adrenaline is pumping :nerd_face:

Stole the words from my mouth lol!
Don’t be ashamed Lumenzilla - why on earth would you feel like that?
Yes, things could have worked out better - but that’s the beauty of your entry - you adapted, and made good as best you could, and didn’t just bin it/give up and that is the main thing - you have a working hand made light.
Well done!

Great build lumenzilla! I especially like that it says “twist”, must be a kind of child safety feature :party:

You did it :wink:
Great! Well thought about the marker host :wink:
I may copy some ideas later on :innocent:

Sorry I missed your entry lumenzilla. Nicely finished thru your troubles :beer:

Pretty neat idea ! I know it wasn’t funny for you when the first host “ burned “ , but I got a chuckle out of it from your description and pics . Glad to see you overcame that minor setback.

Congratulations, mas (it’s ‘bro’ in Javanesse) lumenzilla. That DIY flashlight is amazing!

Thanks guys for all your kind words!