Lumileds Luxeon V2

Luxeon V2, a new led from Lumileds. In contrast what the name suggests it is not an upgrade of the Luxeon V, but a 3535 (XP-size) version, so smaller. Also other specs are a bit less, less maximum current (2400mA), higher thermal resistance (3degC/W), less output (760lm@2A). As the Luxeon V it only comes in 70CRI. Let’s see how it compares to the other 3535 leds around, SST-20, XP-G2, XP-L, Nichia 219C etc. The die size is said to be 2x2mm, which is the same size as XP-L leds, but led4power in post #4 points out that that is an error and must be 2mm-square, so ~1.4x1.4mm, which puts it in XP-G/219 class.

Thanks for the notice.
2x2mm corresponds to the XP-L sized LEDs (maybe slightly larger).

Just corrected that :slight_smile:

Just planned to open thread,djozz did it already

Die size is 2mm^2, not 2x2mm, that's an error. You can easily see that by binning/test current, Philips (and many others) use 350mA/mm2 test standard, Luxeon V test current is 1400mA->4mm2 die, Luxeon V2 test current is 700mA->2mm2 die.

This should be great,if not the best 2mm2 class 3535 led, light output is comparable to XP-G3 S5, but I expect tint/beam to have quality like its bigger brother Luxeon V.

Thanks, corrected the OP.
Yes, suddenly I get press releases from Lumileds by mail, you must have had it at the same moment :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect it to have a high luminance (low like the luxeon V), so it’s not best in some ways.

Quote from first link: “LUXEON V2 is designed such that 99% of the light is forward directed, resulting in the industry’s most usable light from a compact source,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Director at Lumileds.

May this be the reason we see such good angular tint consistency in the Luxeon V? I wonder what viewing angle they consider “forward” and how that compares to LEDs with bad tint shift like XPG3…

EDIT: It appears from the datasheet that 95+% falls within 90 degrees of center. Vague claims like that always annoy me though. Curious how it’ll test in the real world and if maukka or anyone else could test this and compare between common emitters.

So this is actually good news. It would be a solid upgrade for many Noctigon Meteor users.

Unless you are like me and prefer de-domed XP-G2 sized LEDs in that light.

An even smaller 1mm^2 version would be nice.

So would this be comparable with the XP-G2, with better technology? Excellent, small die emitters are always welcome. It was a disappointment for me when the XP-L was proven to have the same die size as the XM-L line.

Yes, this should be in the same category of leds as XP-G2, Nichia 219C, SST-20 etc.

I agree it's nice to have smaller die emitters for multi-emitter lights which use 3x,4x... optics, throw is ~2x better for same current draw.

It’s also very good for the “AAA or smaller” keychain lights with reflectors. I absolutely adore the balanced beam profile of the Lumintop Tool and the old XP-G2 Thrunite Ti3, which is impossible to get with a larger die like the XP-L which the newer, floodier Ti3’s tote in a (frivolous IMO) search for pure power.

Now we wait and see if this V2 will be able to compare to Cree’s HI emitters when dedomed so we get some cool thrower mods :smiley:

The output should be a bit better than cree XP-G3 or XP-G2 “high efficacy”, S5 bin (XP-G2 S5 lags 20% behind at 2amps):

both at 2000mA, 85 degC:

Luxeon V2: 760lm
XP S5: 4.25 x 172 = 731lm

Of course this is “datasheet tunnel vision”, not neccessarily what happens in reality.

I’m looking forward to the empyrical evidence. Hope it lives up to the datasheer stats.

The luxeon V does not throw well (with dome or dedomed), so if the V2 is similar it will also not throw well. Not trying to be a downer, but there is no reason to think this should out throw domeless XPL or XPG2.

should make a chart which is the most efficient led, which has the smallest Vf,…

I like the V and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for V2. Are they available yet? Mouser will get them on 10th December.

Has anyone else tried these guys out yet? contactcr mentioned that he has and likes them… any other observations? Both DigiKey and Mouser have them (in both 4000K and 5000K) and I think I’m going to order some.

I thought i read somewhere led4power will sell them too.

There are 2 limitation of the Luxeon V2 however compared to the Luxeon V:

1. Much lower maximum output due to the smaller die.

2. In relation to power density, the smaller thermal pad does not help with heat dissapation, and reaches max output at lower power levels.


1. More throw.

2. Compatibility with 3535 MCPCBs :slight_smile:

It is nice to hear though that in addition to the nice tint and optical behaviour in output it can compete with the XP-L2, I would not have expected that!

Edit: test is not underway, have not ordered any yet.