luminarium iaculator

After few month of lurking as a guest into this forum I decided to join to group of true flashaholic.

My favorite flashlights are throwers… Aspheric & Reflector compact throwers with LED technology… New LED emitters like XM-L2, XP-E2, and especially XP-G2…

In the past I was very skeptic about all kind of cheap budget lights until I looked under the hood and compared to brand ones and make myself wondering why the hell did I spend so much $ on brand flashlight?… Although some brand flashlights are on much higher level than budget ones and I have special respect to them…

Budget lights demands final touch of our hands and with little work we can turn them into personal brand that can easily outperform any brand flashlights.

See you :wink:

Welcome to BLF! Enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

I like cheap lights because then I can cut, grind and polish them down without worrying I’ll be damaging my expensive light. I’m pretty new to modding and making so it’s fun to play around with cheap lights. In fact my favourite light is one of my budget lights, it being the trustfire 3t6.

Welcome dood

Welcome to the forum luminarium iaculator. Very cool screen name. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF! :party:

Thank you very much on warm welcome!

I think that all you are familiar with pale look of your friends or family :ghost: when you start talking them about flashlights and they don’t understand a word you are talking to them.

For example orange peel reflector… Does it have orange peel inside? Or LED emitter… Is that replaceable bulb like on my maglite magcharger :stuck_out_tongue:

After certain amount of time they start thinking that you are crazy and they don’t realize how can you spend so much time & money on flashlights.

Things are much easier when you are surrounded by a group of people who understand you… Isn’t it? :wink:

Thanks for stopping by, luminarium iaculator!