Lumintop E05C - Where can I buy it?

Where can I buy the Lumintop E05C? Click

Please note that while it looks very similar to EDC05C, it’s specs are quite different. Especially the side light.

The only place I can find the E05C is on the Lumintop site, but no shop seems to sell them. Not even the Lumintop shop on Amazon.
An abandoned product?

More likely a brand new flashlight. Lumintop’s web site stores images in directories by date. The E05C images are in a 2020/1 directory: “”.

Then I’m goning to wait.
The front output isn’t that much different but the side output differs greatly

Just my opinion - I don’t think the side output is going to be all that different from the EDC05C. The advertised lumens on the E05C are actually about what the EDC05C seemed to test at, in reviews… I think Zeroair’s review had the side light ~400 lumens, and Flashaholics had it around 220ish? Lumintop’s measurements seem to differ a good amount from what reviewers test the output at, but I would guess its going to be pretty similar in output to the EDC05C… just speculation though.

Do you have the links to those reviews please?
Shame the spec sheet of the new light no longer shows runtimes for the side light

That’s because the runtimes are supposed to be the same for both the front, and side light, at the same levels.

Here’s the Zeroair review: Lumintop EDC05C Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews
and here’s the Flashaholics review: LUMINTOP EDC05C - Flashlight/Lantern/USB/Magnet OMG!!! - YouTube

I had posted a thread on the E05C in the main light forum - I’m thinking that what they most likely did is got rid of the boost driver, but kept similar output levels via a buck driver? I wouldnt be surprised if the high mode (main emitter), now turns on around 600 or 650 lumens, but heats up more than the EDC05C, and drops more quickly with battery voltage, to where your output is more dependent on cell charge. Maybe the side emitter will function the same on its high mode now, but I wouldn’t expect it to be massively brighter than the EDC05C

500 lumen is enough for me. I own their Tool AA and rarely use high (360)
What I’m really after is the 175lm to 260 lumen side upgrade.

Reading time :slight_smile:

I’m guessing since it’s an XPL HI, there’s no boost driver anymore. The side lights are probably in parallel now instead of series like before.

my thoughts exactly. I’d be interested to hear from someone who has one to hear how it compares to the EDC05C

I see they improved the tailcap as well - now it's easily unscrewable by hand, actually a great improvement. I reviewed the old model:

Also, that old model was always hard to find to buy one. I recall in that thread, people asking where. I think they never fully marketed it, like they didn't want to sell it - strange. But it did have some quirks.

Actually I missed seeing the posts, but some recent posts there at the end. Neal has it here:

but the listing is for the old one but looks like you will receive the new one -- of course if you trust Neal...

The tail is updated on edc05c as well. I’ve got one of each tailcap style.

This is exactly sweet spot for AA and 14500. I wish more EDC lights came in this lumen range instead of blasting out 550 lumens for 30 minutes.

The E05C is no longer available on AE.

In this thread some people actually own the light. They also mention the EDC05C was revised. And coil whine. :frowning:

‘Review’ Lumintop E05C review - Pros and Cons (2023) |

To be honest I don’t even understand the name.
EDC stands for everyday carry. Why is the new light with the same dimensions not a EDC?
Maybe Lumintop figured that out too, and decided to drop the E05C and simply upgrade the EDC05C?
But it must have been on sale for some time because there are reviews and this shop in Australia still has it on sale:

Could be so, but then they forgot to move the light their Discontinued page.

Another sign on the wall is that all their lights have Description, Additional information, FeaturesSpecification. Download and Reviews pages. But the E05C only a Description page.

I’m not sure where you’re looking but on this page on the Lumintop website I can access all the pages including Features, Specifications and even the user manual on the Downloads page. Perhaps there are regional sites that differ or it’s a very recent update. I sure hope they continue this light as I have the EDC05C (revised) with the updated end cap and it’s one of my favourite EDCs.

I’m looking here:

I see the mix up. I thought you were talking about the E05c but you’re obviously looking at the EDC05C page. That’s the problem when companies start changing names on products that are fundamentally the same. It definitely looks like the EDC05C is discontinued but it’s hard to find the E05C for sale anywhere. Glad I got mine when I did.

I wonder how reliable that answer is considering you asked for E05C and they reply EDC05C. Those people often have to answer 100s of mails a day and then it’s easy to make a mistake. Or even an answer that answers nothing…
Me: “What is the length of the product?”.
Sales rep: “Hello friend, they are black, silver and gold color. Have a good day” :slight_smile:

Finally :slight_smile: :partying_face:

I’m looking for the E05C too. Still hard to find?

Aliexpress listing says no longer available and I saw a preorder button on banggood earlier but I can not find it now. It is still listed in ‘New Arrivals’ on