LUMINTOP ED20-T for $11.70 after 55% off coupon

Amazon has the ED20-T for $11.70 when you check the coupon box for 55% off.

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I hate you guys…

Anyway, the coupon doesn’t work for 2 lights in the cart, but does let you order the same light twice for 11bux.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

19 18 left in stock :smiley:

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Shows 1 in stock, if anyone still wants one.

What to do to lower the price?

The 55% off coupon is still available, but unfortunately it looks like the base price reduction (it was about 50% off) is gone now.

As you said it’s gone now, but how do I get the coupon? Where can I find it?

It should be on the product page, as a checkbox below the price. It then gets applied at checkout.