Lumintop FW1A discussion and review

I hope we get new colors. I already have two grey FW3As. I should have waited until the colors came out, I want that army green one. I was hoping they’d use the same colors for this one since they are already producing them and the lights share 2/3 of their anodized parts.

Based on datasheets and testing I’ve read, aren’t those flux numbers only for top of the ramp?
I think FET turbo should be higher than those numbers are. Or have they used some different firmware version with FET limiting?

For example SST-20 datasheet (pg3), a middle of the road flux bin is under 700lm at 3A 85*C.

And another examples:
Maukka tested SST-20 4000K J4 CRI95 to do ~690lm at 2.8A. (~1000lm at 5A)

Texas_Ace tested XP-L HI 1A V2 to do ~940lm at 2.75A (~1400lm at 5A)

Any dimensions of the reflector?? If this won’t fit some of the regularly available optics without too much trouble I’m not buying it.

Ordered. Love my FW3A, my D4 and FW3A converted me to the benefits of floodier lights, but throwers have always been my first love. Thanks folks!

When xpl 7A will be available?Is there any smooth reflector suitable for it?

Just ordered a FW1A with the XPL HI 3D (5000k) LED just to check this thing out. Total cost with the BLFFW3A discount code was $33.16 $35.16 (with free shipping). Total savings was $8.79.

According to the product page: The light will be shipped after the Chinese mid-autumn day, estimate ship at September 17th.

BTW, the Convoy holster at $2.50 seems to be a good deal. This is a sturdy holster with two pockets for pens and another pocket for an extra 18650 battery. It is designed for a Convoy S2 that has a length of about 118 mm, but FW1A at 100 mm should fit OK. The FW3A (at 92.5 mm) rides a little deep and the flashlight gets somewhat buried and hard to pull out - primarily because the two tabs at the top of the pen pockets get in the way. If you're not going to use the pen pockets, then it might be helpful to cut the tabs off.

Edit: $33.16 was corrected to my real cost of $35.16. My mistake. Sorry.

justanotherguy, thanks for pointing this out!

$33.16 ?
I had $35.15

Yes, I stand corrected. I actually paid 35.16. Sorry.

Thank you… I have a bad history with screwing up codes. Lol

Optics? Why not just get a FW3A if you want optics? It’s made for Carclo optics. This light is made for a single LED and reflector. Why would you want this over the FW3A if you’re going to use optics? :question:

Ordered yesterday. SST-20 4000k!

Have you ever tried a single LED in one of the Yajiamei Optics? You get excellent throw and a beautiful spot. Much like the FF E01. But you have more options. Too much light goes to waste out of a throwy small reflector light.

Ah! A single emitter optic! Okay. No, I haven’t ever used one of those Yajiamei Optics. In fact, I haven’t heard of it. Is it TIR? I do like single emitter TIR lights myself. We don’t get much discussion of those here on BLF. Generally, when someone is discussing optics, they’re referring to multi-emitter TIR optics from Carclo, Ledil, or Anna. So, I assumed that’s what you meant. My bad! :person_facepalming:

Total newb here, and this will be my first Anduril controlled light.

I ordered a FW1A SST-20 as I am after CRI/tint over lumens, but should I be concerned about blowing up the SST-20 with its relatively low current limit? If so, what steps should I take to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.

There’s a lot of nice single-emitter optics that give you more throw than the Carclo quads/triples, but still less than a reflector (and often a much more pleasant beam profile as well).

There are many to choose from in the 20mm range. Go look up Yajiamei Optics on AliExpress… There are clear, beaded, and frosted optics in a wide variety of angles. And in 3535 or 5050 emitter sizes. And with the variety of LED’s available there are so many combinations. I have a 15 degree beaded optic with a Nichia 219C in a Convoy S3. Really pleasant throwy beam with no tint shift. Just imagine having just this one boring reflector. But, that’s just my opinion.

In terms of beam profile, will this be comparable to an s2+? Would like to buy one, but am trying to understand a bit more before I do!

Neal say it will throw 400 m
This shows S2+ throws 221.8 m

I’d wait and see.

7a is still not loading in the cart.

Reflector size:

Width = 22.9mm
Height = 14mm