Lumintop FW1A SST20 4K vs XPL HI 7A

Hi fellas. This got me confused. Before I read that SST20 is a better thrower then XPL HI, but the specs on FW1A show 40,000 cd for XP-L HI and only 28,000 cd for SST 20, with 400m throw for XPL and 335M for SST20.

So which is a better thrower? Enlighten me :slight_smile:

Xplhi by sheer output, Sst20 by ratio?

Here are some comparison provided by d_t_a

XP-L Hi CW vs XP-L Hi NW vs SST20 4000K



SST20 4000K

I don’t know where you’re getting those specs but they’re not fully relevant anymore. You can’t get the xpl hi 7A unless you put it in yourself. And the reflector has been changed to one that is wider at the base. I have not seen any comparisons with the new reflector vs old.

The XP-L HI numbers are for the cool white version which out-throws the SST-20 by sheer output.

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. I should stop using YT search and instead use a search engine search. YT is so twisted their search engine is all messed up.

I was getting the specs from TLF/BLF FW1A Grey CREE XPL HI 1200lm EDC LED Flashlight Andúril UI – Nealsgadgets

Emitter: One LED on a copper DTP MCPCB e.g.
Cree XP-L HI 3D(NW 5000K)
Cree XP-L HI 1A(CW 6500K)
Luminus SST20 4000K 95 CRI
Reflector: orange peel

Lens: Glass with anti-reflective coating
Flux: ~1200 lm (XP-L Hi), ~700 lm (SST20)
Intensity: ~40 000 cd ANSI throw ~400 m (XP-L Hi)
~28 000 cd ANSI throw ~335 m(SST20)

7A is out of stock but I just wanted to know how it would stack up to SST20 4K.